CNN's Chris Cillizza says, 'Viruses don't, uh, recognize borders,' and he gets destroyed for it

CNN's Chris Cillizza posted a comment about what President Trump said and then the Internet pretty much destroyed him, sending his ratio so far it almost touched outer space.

So what happened? Trump said, "THIS IS WHY WE NEED BORDERS," but then Cillizza retweeted him with a comment and said, "Viruses don't, uh, recognize borders," and that was it. That was all it took for Cillizza to get wrecked in the comments.

Here's why his tweet was, uh, stupid.

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First of all, many of us are being told to stay inside until this pandemic goes away. Stay inside what? Stay inside our homes which is defined by walls. Walls like the one Trump wants to build ON THE BORDER.

Now what Cillizza probably meant is that it doesn't matter where a border is, a virus can get over it no matter what. Sure, but who carries the virus? Usually a person, right? If you close the borders right now, then no one else who is possibly infected can get in. However, they can sneak in.

If you had a wall on the border, then that person would have a much harder time getting over or under the wall. Some might even try to go through it, but good luck with that.

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So in theory, the virus doesn't actually recognize a border, but if the person who is carrying the virus can't get over the border, then the border has worked - with or without a wall. That is the point Trump is making. He wants the borders closed so we don't accidentally import more disease carriers.

Meanwhile, we're all stuck inside and the walls are working pretty good, right?

Now get this - the crazy thing is that we can just close our borders and start there. Without the wall. And see how it goes. It's not like we can build an entire wall overnight. Only the Amish can do that.

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Here's what the Internet had to say to Chris Cillizza, who spells his name weird...

That's a good tweet. I looked up the stats on Singapore. They've had around 500 cases of coronavirus. China has 81,000 that we know of.

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