CNN's 'Journalist of the Year' resigns, admits writing fake news on 'grand scale' and inventing people

CNN’s Journalist of the Year Award winner in 2014 just resigned from his job at a German news magazine after admitting that he had been writing fake news and inventing characters to be part of his stories. His name is Claas Relotius and he was a reporter at the German news magazine named Der Spiegel, and he was caught up in writing Der Ferke Nerws. One might consider him the most epic four year troll as he faked everyone out so bad that he even won a "journalism" award from CNN. However, winning an award from CNN is no better than winning a participation award in grade school softball.

Daily Caller stated that Claas Relotius “falsified articles on a grand scale and even invented characters,” Der Spiegel admitted in a statement." and “He included individuals in his stories who he had never met or spoken to, telling their stories or quoting them. Instead, he would reveal, he based the depictions on other media or video recordings.”

The magazine was alerted to the fraudulent reporting when Relotius had to work with another reporter named Juan Moreno, who apparently became suspicious about a story they wrote together. It's stated that Relotius has published almost 60 articles and at least 14 of them were falsified, according to him.

Claas won the CNN award partially because of a story he wrote on prison inmates with dementia and how the United States prison system fails to provide good health coverage to the long-term inmates. It was called “Murderers as Carers.” CNN had stated about Claas, “The report takes a poetic and interesting approach to a major social problem. Claas Relotius paints pictures in the reader’s mind that unfold like a film,’ said Franz Fischlin, chairman of the judging panel, according to a CNN recap of their award ceremony."

That's because he made it up.

It's easier to paint a vivid picture when you control the entire story.

It's funny that CNN gave someone a journalism award who turned out to be fake news.

This was back in 2014, two years before the 2016 election and well before Trump and CNN battle became big time.

This tweet says that Claas Relotius abused his talent.

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