CNN's S.E. Cupp flame-broiled for claiming Dem obstruction of bill 'bad for both parties'

So, when one political party obstructs vital legislation necessary to provide resources and funding for the country during an emergency, how is it a bad thing for both major political parties?

That's a question lots of folks on Twitter are asking CNN's S.E. Cupp, after she tried to say that Democratic obstruction of the coronavirus relief bill on Monday is somehow also a problem for Republicans.

It is? How does that work, when Democrats are the ones who keep voting the measure down?

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Isn't that the truth? But boy, talk about lousy timing for "bothsidesism" to return.

And for anyone thinking that this is really just about Mitch McConnell and Republicans wanting to hand the president a "slush fund" he can use to "pay off big corporations," lawmakers aren't even to that point yet.

So yeah, there's no good reason to be delaying the vote. And it isn't 'both sides.'

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