An Oakland coffee shop is no longer serving goods to police officers. It's called the Hasta Muerte Coffee and they denied service to a police sergeant who stopped by for a quick visit. The sergeant was probably confused and the shop basically said they won't serve cops. This caught the police and many residents off guard. Many people weren't sure what the coffee shop had against the police, but they were quick to speak out about it. The police union also sent a correspondence letter to gather more information, but the coffee shop didn't respond.

KTVU provided more information:
"It all started when an Oakland police sergeant stopped by Hasta Muerte Coffee in the Fruitvale District to introduce himself and to buy a cup. But the sergeant was denied service.
According to a letter sent to the cafe by the Oakland police union, cafe staff told the sergeant that it "does not serve the police. Obviously, this is both a surprise and a matter of concern for all Oakland police officers."
It's a surprise to many residents as well. "I don't know what they got against them," said Roberto Lopez.
Another resident, who wished only to be identified as "T," agreed, saying, "I think it's cold blooded. I don't understand that."    
The cafe hasn't responded to the police union's letter sent two weeks ago requesting an explanation. Cafe managers declined to comment to KTVU.
But Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo, who represents the Fruitvale District, spoke to cafe managers Thursday and confirmed it's still the business' unwritten policy not to serve the men and women in blue.
"My understanding is they're not going to serve police officers," Gallo said.
"I don't agree with that, 100 percent," Gallo added. "I think we need to work together, not against each other."

It will be a lot of fun and games when the coffee shop gets robbed and the police take their time to arrive. Then again, the police don't stoop to that level. Even when they are mistreated, they still show up to protect and serve.

There's other coffee shops in town, so the cops don't need to be bothered by cop-haters.

Cops will spend their money elsewhere.

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