College Creates #GETWOKE Course to Fight Trump

Beloit College is allowing a syllabus on how to effectively organize and participate in counter-activism targeted at President Trump and his administration. The university lectures will instruct pupils on how to most effectively resist President Donald Trump via their curriculum that is focused on activism and protesting to various degrees. The syllabus is called “#GetWoke: Activism and Organizing During 45 Syllabus” and was created by their diversity office. The syllabus will provide an overview of white supremacy, fascism, and racism in the America while under the Trump administration.

There's been a surge of protests and resistance movements since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 election. It seems as though each protest is vastly different, some peaceful, but others mostly violent or causing more chaos than change. Many protests, since Trump was elected, have resulted in violence and people causing problems such as blocking traffic, but not participating in any activity conducive to changing the political scene in the country. It's like people don't know how to properly protest, so now they might need a college lesson on it.

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The controversial syllabus contends that protesting is a core means of change in a politically charged environment and goes on to recommend that pupils listen to protest-friendly songs from musicians such as Mob Crime, KRS One, Nappy Roots, Kanye West, Lil Boosie (currently in prison for murder) and Linkin Park.

Their controversial lineup of teachings includes such titles as, "All Monuments Must Fall", "Syllabus For White People To Educate Themselves", "Trump Syllabus 101", "Islamaphobia Is Racism", "Black Lives (Don't) Matter", and "Teaching Trayvon".

The college also plans to host panels during the upcoming school year that will be lectured by notorious feminist Moya Bailey, who originally coined the term "misogynoir" which means misogynist encounters particularly of black women.

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While the latest syllabus does not encourage students to get involved directly with any resistance, but it might be heavily implied and borderline indoctrination.  A recent social media post on a page for Beloit College, from the diversity officer, suggests to prospective students to at least have a look at the syllabus if they are frustrated with what is going on and utilize it as a starting point for resources related to this concern.

The college further noted that since the election of President Trump the nation has seen a significant rise in the number of organized protests and other forms of organized resistance to the president and his administration. They question what it means to protest and organize against the Trump administration, as if it is not something that can wait and the #GetWoke series will focus on such issues.

I'm not sure how people will get jobs by taking a course like this, but good luck after college if this is what you're into.

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