College English Department voted to change name after George Floyd incident

Social justice warriors strike again! This time the English Department of Cornell has been voted to be changed. And guess what, the new name is basically the same thing, just longer and more stupider.

The new proposed name would be "the department of literatures in English" - and no, I am not kidding. It's just a longer version of "English Department" and it's really, really, stupid.

I thought this was a joke at first, but thanks to Shawnasaurus Rex on Twitter, who is clearly an undercover reporter posing as a survivor of post-apocalyptic dinosaur times (that's sarcasm, for you fact checkers), he provided a link directly to the source at Cornell. And I sh*t you not, this is real and they are seriously voting on making the name change to something that much longer while most people sit back and laugh hysterically at them in the process.

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As stated on the Cornell Sun:

During the English department’s first faculty meeting of the fall semester, faculty members of color introduced a proposal — to change the department’s name.

The new proposed name — “the department of literatures in English” — would mark a distinct change in the department’s branding, helping to eliminate what Director of Undergraduate Studies Prof. Kate McCullough, English, said was the “conflation of English as a language and English as a nationality.”

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I don't even know what that means, but if your first faculty meeting is about changing the name of your department, then I'm already laughing.

Earlier this month, a significant majority of the department approved the change, and is now awaiting approval from college administration.

I hope it gets turned down.

The decision to demand such a change was spurred by this summer’s resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement following George Floyd’s death, according to Prof. Carole Boyce-Davies, English, one of the original proposal writers. As a result, the faculty felt a sense of obligation to react in their own department.

Oh shut up already. What happened when George Floyd got killed by a cop has literally nothing to do with the name of an English department. The fact that these two things are even in the same discussion shows how out of touch and wacky these people really are. Are you kidding me right now? Some allegedly drugged up dude gets kneed on by a cop and you're like "oh, we should change the name of the English department, that's how we can get justice for George" - is that what these people are thinking? George Floyd's death was a disaster for the country and the people involved, but it doesn't mean you start changing the name of English Departments. The two things have absolutely no connection. Why don't they just call it the George Floyd department?

“Faculty around the country — not just faculty of color, but faculty in general — began to look at the institution to see how we can help advance a discourse that challenges structural forms of racism which get reproduced in students and in teaching over and over again,” Boyce-Davies said.

You can fight racism by simply not being racist and being nice to each other. This is how most Americans actually are when you get off the Internet for two seconds or stop watching race baiting left-wing news shows.

Other faculty simply recognized that it was time that the department’s title represented what it was really focused on: literature written in English.

Yeah, that's why it was called the ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, you mentally challenged wombat goons.

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