College girl strips in class to protest professor

I don't know what kind of class this is, but it looks like one I'd sign up for! A student at Cornell had stripped during her presentation to protest her professor. The action sparked reactions as several other students stripped too. I don't really care what they're talking about and I didn't even listen to what she was saying. Didn't matter and I don't care!

I'm just happy they're in class doing work and not out in the quad protesting.

If she wants to do her presentation in her skivvies, then more power to her. Not a big deal.


NY Post stated:

A Cornell University senior stripped to her bra and underwear during her thesis presentation — and got two dozen others to join in — to protest her professor’s contention the week before that her clothing was inappropriate.
Letitia Chai led the revealing demonstration Saturday during her “Acting in Public: Performance in Everyday Life” class to stand up “against oppressive beliefs,” she said in a Facebook Live video of the event. 
It came days after her professor, Rebekah Maggor, questioned whether the denim cutoff shorts Chai was wearing during a test run of the presentation were too short.

The video is on this Facebook link.

Good luck! It's a long video.


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