College Prof Says White Marble Statues Promote Racism

Sarah Bond, professor from the University of Iowa, has said that white marble statues promote racism. She argued that because we look at these white statues and associate them with beauty, that we should alter them to be a different color so that other minorities can see themselves in the statues.

Bond then stated that museums and history text books have always displayed statues with either a skin tone or a white tone which impacts on how we view the antique world. Or, perhaps, because that's just what makes statues look cool.

An article written by Lloyd Thompson who is a professor at the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria, wrote that Roman's did not treat individuals differently based on their parentage or blood but rather based on their physical appearance.


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University of Iowa professor Sarah Bond declared this week that white marble statues promote racism and “influence white supremacist ideas.”

Bond made the statement in an essay published Tuesday by the arts and culture blog, Hyperallergic. In the piece, which was titled, “Why we need to start seeing the classical world in color,” Bond made the argument that because people associate white marble with beauty, the sculptures should be altered to be a different color so that minorities “see themselves” in it.

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“Most museums and art history textbooks contain a predominantly neon white display of skin tone when it comes to classical statues and sarcophagi. This has an impact on the way we view the antique world,” she wrote. “The assemblage of neon whiteness serves to create a false idea of homogeneity — everyone was very white! — across the Mediterranean region.”

“The Romans, in fact, did not define people as ‘white’; where, then, did this notion of race come from?” Bond asked.

Bond says that Roman's did not define people as white, so then where did the notion of race come from?


It seems like the only person bringing race into talks about statues is Sarah Bond herself. Statues that are made from white marble often are made to depict a time and are not always created to show a specific person or type of person.

Marble statues have never not once been related to racism and were never created to promote racism. I am sure if racism was an issue with these statues we would have heard this argument long before now.

Has Sarah Bond ever thought that maybe statues made from white marble are easier and cheaper to make? Statues are being made all the time and with so many being made, it would make sense to make them cheaply and easily.

Look at the Martin Luther King statue, he was not a white man, but yet his statues are all in white and never once has anyone ever complained about racism when it came to these statues. Statues also look a lot cooler in white. They have that antique or historic feel to them.

Maybe Sarah Bond is going off the wagon a bit. Statues weren't made to be racist, they were made to be statues.

Could it be that Sarah Bond is a little mentally unstable?

I personally see no problem with white marble statues and have always seen statues as a way of showing a time rather than a person. Why change things now because one person claims or thinks that statues depict racism? Leave the statues alone. They look cool and I don't want to start seeing fashion designers making them in weird colors or patterns.

What are your thoughts on white marble statues? Do you think white marble statues are racist? Can you even believe we're asking that question?

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