College senior Brenna Spencer posted one picture that just set the world on fire. It's a photograph of her standing outside with a "Women for Trump" shirt and a gun in her waistband is facing tough criticism from the anti-gun crowd, specifically those on the far left. Spencer, 22, posted the photo on Twitter and her feedback has been a massive conglomerate of both positive and negative commentary.

Fox News reported:

"I know the Tennessee state gun codes. ... I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry," the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga student said in an interview.
On Twitter, where Spencer's profile states that "political correctness offends me," she posted the provocative photo with the caption "I don’t take normal college graduation photos ..."

What's the big deal?

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If a girl likes Trump and guns, then that's her business.

If someone dislikes Trump and guns, then that's their business.

Does anyone really care so much what others like?

Brenna shouldn't have to worry about what YOU think about her, and that's the bottom line.

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Source: twitter, foxnews,    Photo Credit: Brenna Spencer