College students 9-pages of demands include free fabric softener and $500

Students at the Sarah Lawrence College have issued 9-pages of demands and are protesting. This comes after a professor named Samuel Abrams wrote an op-ed for The New York Times advocating for more diversity of opinions on college campuses, pointing out that there is sometimes a leftist bias.

The professor simply wished to see more various views being accepted, rather than just the liberal ideals that are often touted by the leftist students or staff.

"Students of color" protesting and presenting 9 pages of demands, including free fabric softener and detergent. There's just not enough Tide Pods one college student could eat to be this stupid, but here we are with some of the dumbest college students we will ever witness. Apparently only 140 students signed off on this, so obviously no one is taking them seriously. No one should take a group of social justice warriors serious when they're begging for free detergent.

The group is called the "Diaspora Coalition" and many of the students aren't even people of color - they're pearly white!

Let's look at some of their demands and laugh together for fun!

The College must provide winter housing to students at no charge.

Are you kidding me? Housing is included in tuition if you wish to live on campus. Do these students think a big college dorm will pay for itself? Electricity, heat, water, maintenance of big buildings costs money. Who do they think pays for their home when they leave college?

College will designate housing with a minimum capacity for thirty students of color.

Why does color have anything to do with housing? Whoever signed up to attend the college can get housing - doesn't matter what color you are.

All campus laundry rooms are to supply laundry detergent and softener on a consistent basis for all students, faculty and staff.

No. Buy your own soap, dirtbag. No one is responsible for buying you detergent or fabric softener. Are these college students or infants?

Every student has access to, at minimum, two meals a day, including weekends, school breaks, and days when the college is closed due to weather. When dining options are closed on campus, the College must provide free meals for students staying on campus, including vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, halal, and kosher options.

Is this serious? First of all, you can get a meal plan as part of your tuition. Food costs money to buy, prepare, cook, etc. You cannot get two meals for free every day and then demand all those different options like lousy vegan foods. If people want all those options, then go buy it yourself. Get a job. Get a meal plan.

In addition to the expansion of the food pantry, we demand the College implement a 24/7 space in the Barbara Walters Center focused on providing food and necessities including pads, tampons, and detergent. Students should be able to obtain these items using with their meal plan or meal money.

Are you college students or babies? A college is not responsible for everyone's human hygiene. Figure it out yourself like the smarter generations before you.

We demand the College provide free storage to low-income and international students during the summer session between academic calendar years.

Where do these students live? Keep your stuff where you live. If you can afford college in another country, then surely you can afford a storage unit for like $50 a month. How much stuff do college students have anyway? Not much.

We demand a mandatory first-year orientation session about intellectual elitism and classism.

This should be replaced by an orientation session teaching students that they are not toddlers and no one is giving them anything for free. If they cry, they are kicked out of college. This is not a safe space, this is the real world.

We demand international students be included in the provisions stipulated above.

When your list of demands is so stupid that you forget your international students are already students, so you don't need to remind anyone about them. The people reading this list are a lot smarter than the people who wrote it.

Students of color should not be forced to resort to racist white professors in order to have access to their own history. 

Students should realize that colleges often hire people who are capable of teaching and that students don't get to decide who teaches what. Students should also realize that calling white professors racist is racist and prejudiced against white people who went into a job serving the public.

We demand there be new tenured faculty of color.

What happens when someone doesn't want a certain job? The way the real world works is this - you put a job out there and people apply to it. You are NOT allowed to discriminate when you hire people. That means if a white person applies to a job, you cannot discriminate them. If a black person applies, the same rule stands. Discrimination is illegal.

We demand that Samuel Abrams’ position at the College be put up to tenure review to a panel of the Diaspora Coalition and at least three faculty members of color.

A professor's job should not be put on the line because he criticized liberal bias. Judging by what we've seen on the list of demands, the Diaspora Coalition is a group of idiots who want freebies. Their best bet is to shut up and go to class where they still have a chance to learn something. The real world will be tough for this group of social justice warriors, but there's still hope if they stop acting like infants.

We demand the College provide and support at least:  One new Black therapist, One new Asian therapist,One new Latinx therapist 

The college cannot hire people based on their race or ethnicity. That's called discrimination. That's illegal.

We demand the College facilitate annual diversity training during the first two weeks of the fall semester mandatory for faculty and first-year students and available to all students and faculty.

This is not needed. However, the Diaspora Coalition should be forced to take classes where they learn how not to be crybabies trapped in adult bodies. They can learn things such as "Buy your own soap 101" and "You're 20-years-old, feed yourself" where they learn how to act like adults.

Scholarships for Students of Color

Again with the racism. You cannot discriminate with scholarships. The scholarships available to students should be available to all students regardless of race, sex, etc. It's about EARNING it, not being given something because you were born a certain way.

And more about that scholarship only open to students of color: House the students together in their first year , Offer a stipend of at least $500 per semester for each student, Provide a free standard meal plan 

So you want them to get free tuition, free food, and $500. Are you on drugs to think this is acceptable in any society? If you get a free ride to college, then I'm pretty sure the students can buy their own food or buy a meal plan. Then you want to throw $500 at them too? Come on now, this is just reaching for all the free stuff you can take advantage of while taking gender studies classes and wasting time being a loser.

To make it worse, you want to put all the students of color who get scholarships in the same housing? That's called segregation and we did away with that years ago.

The College must fully meet all demonstrated financial need of accepted students of color.

What about every other student on campus? They get nothing? This is discrimination, racist, and probably illegal.

Permanent Funding for Identity Groups : The College will provide a set budget of at least $500 per semester to: Black student unions, Asian student unions, Latinx student unions, Indigenous student unions, LGBTQ+ student unions, including QPOC, Disabled student unions, First-generation college student unions, International student unions. 

So basically, free money for everyone except white people.  That's racist.

The Diaspora Coalition at Sarah Lawrence College in New York is the most stupid and racist college students I have seen in a long time. These kids have no hope for the real world by participating in something so ridiculous as their 9 page list of demands.

The members of the Diaspora Coalition are losers who are ruining college for everyone else.

They should leave Sarah Lawrence College so they don't ruin the school any further.

No one likes social justice warriors and protesters in college.

If you go to college, then learn how to be an adult and not someone acting like an infant begging for freebies and handouts.

No one's gonna give it to you - you have to work for it.

#SLC50sitin is the hashtag they're using on Twitter to discuss their pathetic demands.

Have a nice day.

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