Colorado Christian Baker sued for the THIRD time

Seems like a Christian baker can't catch a break as he's sued once again for the third time for discrimination. You would think people would have somewhat of a brain and not go to the religious baker and try to force him to bake something he doesn't believe in. That's just RUDE! It makes me think people are going to him on purpose just to get a lawsuit out of it.

Anyway, the baker's name is Jack Phillips and he owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado. They just won a case in front of the Supreme Court, but they were sued again anyway.

His latest law troubles come from a person named Autumn Scardina who is a transgender woman (a man dressed and acting like a woman). Scardina wants the bakery to bake a gender transition cake. I don't even know what that means. Is it half cake and half pie? What the heck is a transition cake supposed to be anyway?

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Well, that was a NO anyway from Phillips. He's a Christian and he doesn't believe in that whole bizarre world of switching genders when you think you look good in your mom's dress. He refused to bake the cake and Scardina filed the lawsuit.

At some point you might wonder.... hey man, just bake the cake and take their money. Although Phillips already won a case at the Supreme Court level, so he's probably feeling pretty darn good right now. Didn't matter. Scardina sued him anyway.

Fox News said that "Scardina claims it is textbook LGBT discrimination. But Phillips said she is rehashing old claims that hold no merit.

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Phillips describes himself as an artist who uses cakes as "canvas" to express ideas and celebrate events. He has insisted he doesn't want to do something that goes against his faith. He said the cases against him have directly affected his family and business and he's faced death threats and harassment.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Phillips last year in a case where he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. The high court ruled the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed "anti-religious bias" when it filed a discrimination charge against Phillips."

So what's the right thing to do?

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Stand your ground and stick by your beliefs? Or bake some hideous cake, take their money, and roll your eyes?

There are many tattoo artists who won't do a certain type of tattoo, but that's mostly because they don't like the style or it's simply not a good look and makes them look bad. Can we say the same about bakers? Does a Christian baker really want a bunch of gender transition cakes going around with his name on it?

Probably not.

The best thing to do is go to another baker and leave the Christian guy alone.

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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