Community Confused When Mysterious Bowls Of Mashed Potatoes Keep Appearing

At first you might think someone doesn't own a calendar or has it stuck in 1st of April, and keeps up the same prank in the neighborhood. At least this is the first thought of Belhaven citizen, as they keep finding mash potatoes bowls on their mailboxes or in the front yards, or even in their cars.

As Belhaven is a relatively small community, they call this phenomenon "one of the strangest ones so far" (they should visit Florida for a true taste of "strange", right?).


Michaela Lin, one of the "victims" of this strange occurrence said that her neighbor was the one to point out that there is a bowl on her mailbox. This is a bit different than any mail you'd expect, but then she found out that her neighbor went though the same train of thought when a Facebook friend of hers found mashed potatoes in her car. That's right, not in front of it, not on it, but inside. Michaela said her reaction was "Umm.. It looks like a bowl of mashed potatoes. I have no idea what this is??’ - well Michaela, you know the saying "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...".

The single connection which can be made in this potato case is that some the "victims" are staff or Belhaven students or alumni, in Jackson MS. Considering there are around 1200 traditional students at Belhaven University, if the prank goes on, the sales of potatoes will definitely go up.


Jordan Lewis is a member of Belhaven community for the past 5 years and she said there was nothing as strange as this so far, but thinks it's just a practical joke.

So far, whoever did this managed to stay perfectly under the radar and keep an anonymity that baffles the community and makes them eager to find out who it is and what is the reason behind it.

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