Confession: Most of Joe Biden's family voted for Trump

Joe Biden's youngest brother, Frank Biden, just confessed that most of the Biden family in Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election because they felt slighted by Hillary Clinton. Frank Biden is 65 and was interviewed by the Palm Beach Post about Joe's chances of running for president and defeating Trump. At the time, Joe Biden hadn't made his decision on if he's running or not.

Fast forward to now and we know that answer. Biden is running for president and if he wins, he will be the oldest president in history if he's inaugurated at the age of 78.

At some point in the interview, Frank Biden confessed that most of his family voted for Trump in 2016's election, sparking a bit of controversy with Joe Biden now likely to square up against Trump in 2020.

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Frank Biden grew up in the Scranton area of PA, a state with many blue-collar cities who ended up voting for Trump. Some of those folks were Joe Biden's own relatives.

Michael Tanenbaum of the Philly Voice reported:

Frank Biden, who formerly worked for a company that developed charter schools, reflected on the 2016 presidential election with frustration over Hillary Clinton's campaign. Her approach to the political climate in the country was so flawed, Biden said, that his own Pennsylvania relatives, on his mother's side, wound up voting for Trump.
"We never would have lost Pennsylvania, and all my relatives — the Finnegan family — who voted for Donald Trump because they felt slighted by Hillary and her campaign," Frank Biden said. "We never would have not gone to Michigan as the campaign decided not to do because they felt entitled to the votes of those people. Assumptive politics is losing politics." 

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They should probably admit that Trump was the better candidate than Hillary Clinton. There were many Bernie Sanders supporters who also switched teams to vote for Trump after Hillary allegedly stole the DNC nomination right from under Sanders' feet.

Will Biden's family vote for him or Trump in 2020? 

Joe Biden's campaign is fairly weak so far, so it will be hard for them to decide if Trump's economy is still doing well and the blue-collar voters are enjoying more success.

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