Area 51 And Its Controversial Conspiracy Theories

One of the worst kept secrets among the government was finally revealed by the CIA in 2013, as "Area 51" in Nevada was finally acknowledged as a testing ground for the United States and its plethora of scientific and aerospace projects.

Where did the Area 51 conspiracy theories derive? 

Back in 1989, a fellow by the name of  Bob Lazar claimed to have worked at Area 51 on advanced aero technology. Lazar said loud and far that  he had worked on saucer-shaped spacecrafts that used anti-gravity power technology, and that this technology was reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial technology.  Some conspiracy theorists believe Lazar might have been a secret agent, planted to distract people from and misinform them about the happenings at Area 51. Later, it was discovered that Lazar fabricated his MIT degree and may have never been hired to work on military intelligence at all.

Bob Lazar may have kicked off the perpetual stream of conspiracy theories and alleged UFO sitings throughout the years, and his subsequent lack of credibility didn't even put a dent in the speed at which the rumors still fly.

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The multitude of UFO sightings are were generally explained when the documents were unclassified in 2013.  There were many supersonic aircrafts tested at the facility over the years.  With a runway over 6 miles long, this certainly allows space for supersonic aircraft to take off and land.

However, there are still a few conspiracy theories out there worth mentioning.  These haven't been entirely debunked by the release of the classified documents.  

Let's get in to them.

Development of exotic energy weapons, a la "Star Wars" project

This one sounds feasible.  When a government needs to test top-secret, cutting edge stuff, you need an off-limits secure facility to make them happen, right?

Weather manipulation development

OK.  Good for them.  What's so intriguing about this?  Next!

Time travel and teleportation

This is clearly not feasible.  I'd buy 'mind control' or even 'human experiments'.  Heck, I'd even buy 'crossbreeding aliens with humans'.  But time travel?  They probably believe in unicorns, too.


Some conspiracy theorists suggest that the facility may be, at least in part, used to store, examine and reverse engineer extraterrestrial life and technology.  This theory has not been completely disproven as theorists claim the government and it's reports are cover-ups.  The government claims the parts found in Roswell, New Mexico are just a crashed weather balloon.  I tend to believe the government on this one.  I can't imagine it was a flying saucer and the government whisked the little guys away to Area 51 for examination as some conspiracy theorists believe.

Another alien-esque theory is that the black site is used to facilitate meetings between earthlings and aliens.  Kind of like a United Nations but with more of a United Galaxies theme?  Highly unlikely if you ask me.  But if the government was going to meet with aliens, they would definitely do it at a secure black site such as Area 51 I would imagine.

Activities related to a supposed shadowy one world government or the Majestic 12 organization

This one is really bizarre.  Supporters of this conspiracy believe that aliens have already invaded our planet and are working towards better assimilating themselves to humans to learn how to control them better.  Soon, aliens may rule the world!  Wouldn't that be special?

When it comes down to it, governments need their secretive black sites to advance their technologies.  The way conspiracy theories start are when these black sites are actually identified and even confirmed by the government as 'top secret black sites' that the conspiracy theory mill starts turning.

As soon as there is something the public cannot know, they assume everything and anything is happening inside.  Use your imagination and blame it on the place you can't know what's happening inside! 

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