Cop Faces Backlash for Wearing Costume Mocking Colin Kaepernick


A man dressed up as an unemployed Colin Kaepernick for Halloween is facing backlash from the far left as they call him racist and lots of other demeaning names. The man, Antonio Gutierrez, wore a big black Afro hair wig, a whitish pointy witch nose, and a homeless looking sign that mocked the "take a knee" protest by saying "will stand for food." It's funny because Kaepernick is still unemployed by the NFL and has become a mockery in terms of sports, but the officer is being called racist because everyone is offended by everything nowadays. Gutierrez is a police officer for the University of Nevada, Reno and for that reason alone, maybe he shouldn't have donned the costume that he knew would go viral on social media.

The girl who posted this picture on Twitter has already made her account private. She knows what she was doing. She knows she was posting the picture just to start trouble instead of leaving it alone. She knows darn well that she is an instigator and a horrible person for blowing this way out of proportion and calling it racist. It's complete nonsense what she did and she should be ashamed of herself because race baiting behavior like that which is causing unnecessary divide in the country. She also clearly lacks a sense of humor because that guy's Kaepernick costume is hilarious.

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She Tweets under the name @glaserface and her Tweet would be here if she didn't hide it. Here's a copy/pasted version:

"hey @unevadareno! one of your officers, Antonio Gutierrez, decided to go as a racist portrayal of #Kaep last night. this isn't ok!!

— ?(202) 224 – 3121? (@glaserface) October 29, 2017"

I don't see it being racist because Kaepernick is a public figure and this costume is geared towards portraying the "take a knee" protest and Kaepernick is the most prominent figure in that protest. We as people should not be called racist because we dressed up as someone as a different color. It's not racist to mock a protest. It's not racist to wear an Afro wig because Kaepernick's hair actually looks like that. It's an exact imitation. Halloween is all about dressing up as someone or something else, so people try to look as much like that person or thing as they can.

Al Roker, a black man, dressed as white Willie Nelson this morning. Black Al dress as white Willie. Does that make Al Roker racist? Not at all. He looked a little bit weird as a black Willie Nelson, but it's all in good fun. If Al Roker likes Willie Nelson, then good for him. I believe the cast of the show he was on was doing a country theme, so does that mean Al Roker can only dress up as the black country singers? No way! That's not fair to Al! If Al Roker likes a different country singer better, then by all means do whatever he wants. We need to stop calling everything racist.

Here's black Al Roker dressed as white Willie Nelson. I don't think it's racist. I think it's a good costume and it's kinda funny. It absolutely is not racist. It's Halloween, time to have fun.

My second thought on this is that if you're a cop, then you should probably tread the thin line of being careful and being a little bit controversial. The leftists out there despise cops for some reason, so right now isn't the best time to wear your most controversial costume. It's sad, but the leftists are slowly ruining everything that's fun because they're offended by everything.

The fact that they hate cops so much doesn't even make sense. Sure there might be a bad cop every once in a while, but there's a bad worker at every single job in the world. There are a LOT more good cops than there are bad cops, so for people to give everyone in the job a bad reputation over the actions of a very small percentage is very irresponsible of the common people. One bad lawyer doesn't mean every lawyer is bad. One bad teacher doesn't mean every teacher is bad. One bad scientist who makes a very small mistake or calculation doesn't mean they're all bad. People make mistakes, some worse than others, but that's how life goes. By the laws of percentages, you're not ever going to have 100% of your employees be perfect. It's just not possible. People are human and humans make mistakes. People also break laws and don't listen to cops and that's a bigger problem that the people should be concerned with.

The UNR Police Chief wasn't happy with the costume, but said the man will face no disciplinary action, as reported by The Blaze. "UNR spokeswoman Kerri Garcia told the Reno Gazette Journal that Gutierrez will not face disciplinary action for the costume. “As insensitive and inappropriate as this is, we have no policy that would dictate any disciplinary action,” Garcia said.""

That's the correct decision. You don't take an officer off the streets over a Halloween costume that a few people were offended by.