Cop Killer Wears Mask to Court, Police Brutality Suspected

Cop killer Esteban Carpio walked into court wearing a mask that resembled something from a horror film. His eyes were blackened, swollen, and he had scattered scrapes and cuts across his face. The accused murdered appeared to be badly beaten, but people couldn’t figure out what happened. Was he beaten by police? Did he sustain injuries another way? We dug up the details on this viral crime story that swept the nation twice - once during his trial, and again when the prosecuted criminal failed to convince a judge for a second trial.

Carpio had allegedly stabbed an 84-year-old woman and was being questioned by Detective James Allen. Carpio wasn’t fully known to be guilty of the stabbing just yet, but he was the main suspect and brought in for some typical questions. Carpio wasn't arrested, so he wasn't handcuffed. He was just there to answer some questions. But that's not the only thing that happened. He and Allen were apparently in the same room when Carpio supposedly locked the door behind him. A struggle ensued and Carpio took Allen’s gun. Carpio shot Allen, with Allen's own gun, then shot a window that was located above a grassy area. Carpio then jumped from the window, three stories high, and landed in the grass. He sustained injuries from the fall, but proceeded to make a run for it. One can only imagine falling from a third story window would inflict numerous bodily injuries from head to toe. If he landed on, or hit his face, then that's likely what could've caused both eyes to easily swell to that extent.

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It wasn’t much of a run as authorities caught up with him and detained him after a brief physical altercation. Allen bled profusely from his gunshot wound and Carpio fled the scene after jumping out of a window like he’s in an action movie. When Carpio was caught, the cops could have beaten him to death or shot him. The cops exhibited professionalism and brought Carpio in the correct way. Even though their comrade had lost his life, the arresting officers did the right thing and arrested Carpio alive. Many emotions had to be fierce and tumultuous as the cops arrested him, but if they took Carpio’s life, then they could have ended their career and their own life in the process.

Carpio stabbed an 84-year-old woman and was taken to the police department for questioning. That’s when authorities said Carpio locked the door of a conference room, took Detective James Allen’s gun and shot him fatally, before fleeing by shooting through a window.

Carpio later arrived in court wearing the spit mask. It’s a mask used to stop people from spitting on others. Reports suggest that Carpio’s injuries were oozing and he was a risk to exhibit spitting behaviors due to his previous aggressiveness and attitude toward police. He shot a cop and fought with others, so wearing a mask to prevent him from spitting on people was a reasonable expectation.

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Joy Fox, a spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, says their department has used the mask only about "10 times in 10 years." The sheriff's department and corrections department jointly decided to put the mask on Carpio, she says, because his face was bleeding and "oozing" and he could possibly try to spit on officers. "There were concerns he would become combative," Fox says, and the department decided to take "maximum precautions and place him in the spit shield."

When Carpio’s mother saw him in court, she probably lost her mind. It’s believed that her first reaction was to blame cops and police brutality for beating him. It’s not known if she was aware that her son jumped out of a third story window and then became violent towards arresting officers - after he shot a cop and stabbed an elderly woman. The most brutality was not the effects of a fall or fight upon Carpio's face, but the vicious stabbing of an elderly woman and the shooting of a detective.

Her motherly instinct kicked in when she saw her son bruised and damaged, but it didn’t matter. Her son was about to be granted a sentence that would put him in prison for the rest of his life for killing Detective James Allen.

Carpio was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, one without parole, for murdering Allen, and a consecutive 20-year sentence for felony assault.

Years later Carpio was trying to persuade a judge into a second trial. Carpio wanted to utilize an insanity plea, but there wasn’t enough evidence to support his case. An expert pointed out that Carpio was sane enough to purposely shoot the window above the grassy area so his fall wasn’t as devastating. It takes a sane mind to think of that while you’re fleeing the scene of a grisly murder.

The judge decided against a second trial on account of Carpio not providing enough reasons or evidence to suggest that a jury might come to a different conclusion on the trial.

In his decision, Superior Court Judge Robert D. Krause wrote that Carpio would not only have to show that his lawyer made serious errors, but also that those errors contributed to a wrongful verdict.

Some people have called the spit mask horrifying and considered it cruel and inhumane. Those same people might forget about the cruel and inhumane things that Carpio did to an elderly woman and detective.

We are not expected to treat criminals like horrible creatures and the mask is not designed to portray that vision. The mask is rarely used, but mostly used on people who have a history of being aggressive, spitting, or even sometimes for people with open wounds. The mask is especially protective for those who are in the vicinity of the perpetrator. Authorities want to make sure that a criminal with open wounds cannot spit blood at people.

Esteban Carpio’s mask picture has gone viral and it’s important that people know the mask is used to protect the people in the surrounding vicinity.

Some people say the mask gives the presentation of guilt and conjures thoughts of Hannibal Lecter. Others say the guy stabbed an 84-year-old woman and killed a detective, which he was found guilty of doing.

People have to think more about the family of the victims. The criminal stabbed and killed someone. Now there’s two families of those victims. The criminal also made his own family a victim. Now his parents and family members will only see him if they visit him in prison. He will spend the rest of his life unable to be with family, because he took away the ability for James Allen to ever be with his family. The murderous crime has more than one family of victims and it’s a true shame what happened.

Some people claim the system failed this man because he was not treated for his alleged psychiatric problems, but that was debunked several ways by experts. How much can we really blame the system? What about the parents? What was his life like as a child? Was he surrounded by a life of crime? Did his family fail him? Or did he fail his family?

What do you think about the story of Esteban Carpio? Should he have another trial? Or should he remain in prison?

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