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Cops: so far no evidence Jussie Smollett was attacked; he asked cops to turn off body cameras

Chicago police are saying that they have not yet found any evidence of "Empire" star Jussie Smollett being attacked. The police have also informed the public of several other notable pieces of information. Police have identified the type of rope that Smollett said was placed around his neck. Police have informed us that Smollett was originally not going to report this incident, but someone encouraged him to do it and that person's name was redacted. Police also revealed that Smollett asked police to turn off their body cameras when they arrived to speak with him about the incident, as per WGNTV.

Regarding the rope that was allegedly used in the attack, it has been identified as the type of string that would be used for a clothesline. Police are now looking in the area for any store that might sell that type of string or rope and they will likely investigate any video surveillance that might be available. If they see two men wearing KKK hats buying string, then maybe there really was a crime committed that left Smollett with that tiny scratch on his cheek and the ability to not mess up or unwrap a Subway sandwich while being in a fight.

Police said the rope is similar to rope sold to be used as a clothes line. Detectives have identified local stores where it’s sold and are reviewing surveillance video from those stores. No arrests have been made but police continue to collect and review surveillance video from the area and look for possible witnesses, Guglielmi said Tuesday. He said police are also going to stores to ask employees if they recall selling rope to anyone and to determine if security camera footage shows someone buying the kind of rope that was tied noose-like around Smollet’s neck.

When it comes to evidence of an attack, other than Smollett's word for it, there is no video evidence from the area that suggests an attack. That is the word so far, but that could change. Perhaps a witness might need $200 and if Smollett finds someone that cheap, then maybe they'll say they were sleeping in an alley and saw the whole thing. Of course, that would still not verify that this attack has ever actually happened. Many people believe it's a hoax and one look at Smollett's Twitter account paints him as an anti-Trumper, which makes sense on why this could possibly be a hoax. I'm not saying it's a hoax, but I'm not saying it's not a hoax.

Smollett reportedly asked police officers to turn off their body cameras and he still had a white rope around his neck. Both of those bits of information make no sense. First of all, if he was really attacked, then why would he want the cameras turned off? What is he hiding? He should want the cameras on so that it gets his story. However, if you're making up a story, then you don't ever want it recorded because then it's easier to catch you in a lie. Second, why is there still a rope on his neck? Is there marks left on his neck from the rope? If he was in a fight and someone lasso'd him by the neck, or put the rope on his throat, there would be a struggle and it would leave marks like crazy. He would have been most likely choked by the rope and there should have been pictures of the marks it left. No marks on his neck = no one put it there but himself. Even if no one did it, he could still put the rope on his own neck and cause markings. Let's not forget that if someone was in the middle of being attacked, called gay slurs, and harassed for being black - they would probably rip the rope off their neck and not wear it like a necklace in a rap video.

When officers arrived at his apartment, Smollett still had a white rope draped around his neck. The report also noted that officers turned off their body cameras at Smollett’s request, something that crime victims sometimes ask officers to do, according to Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Say it ain't so, but nothing adds up about Smollett's story and the more police look into it, the less they find.

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