Cops Accidentally Write Ticket for Fake Car Made Of Snow


A Montreal artist and car enthusiast thought he would have a bit of fun with the snow plow guys one night.  He constructed a replica of a Deloreon using a wood frame and then covered it with snow.  He added some carvings to the snow to make it look more realistic. It was supposed to be a snow plow prank, but it ended up getting the attention of Montreal police!  Simon Laprise was not expecting to hear that the cops rolled up to his snow work.

The first patrolman started writing a ticket before realizing it was just a sculpture.  As people from Montreal typically do, he took it with a grain of salt.  A second op car pulled up.  One can only assume the chatter on the radio was something to the effect of, "Sarge, you simply HAVE to see this!"  


Laprise's sculpture did receive a ticket, but it is not one anyone expected.  The ticket merely said, "You made our night hahahahaha", in French.

Although Laprise was not around to see either the police incident or the snow plows massacre of it, other people in the neighborhood took photos which were posted to Facebook where they will undoubtedly live on forever.

Laprise told reporters that he had merely decided to do something out of the mess of snow in front of his house.  So he went to make a little joke for the snow plow crew and to have some fun sculpting a snow car.  He said this was not the first time he has made an automobile snow sculpture, just the first one that he did in the street during a scheduled snow plowing day.


When the snow plowers rolled through in the morning, Laprise's sculpture was not taken so lightly and was swiftly destroyed.  Regardless of the end-result of the snow sculpture, you know that it gave the Montreal police something to talk about during a boorish snowy evening over their hot cups of coffee.

It's good to see that while some see winter as dangerous because of the cold weather, this guy chose to make light of it, leaving smiles on everyone except the sanitation department that had to clean up the splintered wood after the snow plows came through in the morning

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