Corey Feldman Names Two Alleged Sexual Abusers

Corey Feldman is going off the rails and doing what he probably always wanted to do. He has now named two of his alleged sexual abusers. The first person he named while he was a guest on "The Dr. Oz Show" was a former co-star named Jon Grissom. Feldman claims this happened in the 80s. Feldman and Oz called the cops while on the show and there will be an investigation opened, but that does not promise a prosecution.

The next person whom Corey Feldman called out is a former child talent manager who is already a convicted sex offender. His name is Marty Weiss. Feldman gave this information while talking to Megyn Kelly on the "Today" show.


It should be noted that Grissom, whose real name is Cloyd Jon Grissom, served time in jail on account of child molestation charges that happened in 2001. He was tossed in the slammer in 2003 and right now he's currently listed as a fugitive.

Jon Grissom was a co-star with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in "License to Drive." 

John Grissom is someone completely different, so don't get them mixed up.


Feldman wants to raise $10 million to call more attention to sexual abuse and pedophilia in Hollywood by producing a film about it.

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