Corey Feldman was on The View in 2013 and warned viewers about the sick pedophiles lurking in Hollywood. Barbera Walters was a host at the time and she pushed back, purposely putting doubt in people's minds about the truth that Feldman has tried to expose about the horribly rich and disgusting people running the entertainment industry. This all comes back to light while Harvey Weinstein continues getting called out by various female celebrities who claimed him or someone else sexually assaulted, raped, or did something else of sexual nature to them against their will. Maybe people are finally ready to listen to the truth about the people running the entertainment industry.

If you needed another reason to dislike The View, which I believe is one of the worst shows on television, then this video clip from Corey Feldman's appearance in 2013 is all you need. He is honest, he sounds completely sincere, and he's exposing and warning people about what to expect when they bring their children to Hollywood in hopes of a financially luscious acting career. Think about Corey Feldman's career. It hasn't been that amazing. Maybe his career would've included more big time productions had he not come forward and called out sexually aggressive pedophiles and criminals.

Feldman says “There are people that were the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working, they’re still out there, and that are some of the richest most powerful people in this business,” Feldman says in the 2013 clip. “And they do not want me saying what I am saying right now.”

Barbera Walters asks Feldman “are you saying they are pedophiles and that they are still in this business" and Feldman gives her a scarily sincere answer of "yes."

It's very weird though. A big time name like Harvey Weinstein is called out for being a pervert, but why now? Why didn't all these women say something years ago? I don't feel bad about any celebrity who was inappropriately touched many years ago and didn't say anything. They purposely kept quiet so they could live a very rich lifestyle as a wealthy celebrity. The people who call out Harvey Weinstein now are frauds. Those women are the reason other women were harmed. They should've said something years ago. But now it doesn't matter. Everyone sees right their them. They let it happen, then they got rich starring in movies and being a celebrity.

If people like Rose McGowan called this stuff out years ago, then maybe more celebrity women would've escaped going through unwanted advances. But she kept quiet until now, isn't that right? Now she's just another unattractive washed up celebrity talking trash about stuff that happened X amount of years ago. She should've called it out back then, that way she could've prevented someone else from suffering through the same problem of hooking up with an old guy who looks like a human Shrek.

But hey, at least they were well paid for it over the years, right?

I completely understand it though. You hook up with an old ugly rich guy, then you become a millionaire celebrity yourself and live a perfect life where you don't have to work a 9 to 5 job. If I was a girl, I'd do the same thing. Throw my legs up in the air, let some old guy pound me, then get rich. Why not, right?

The women assaulted by Weinstein cared more about their career and that's a fact.

If they cared about sexual assault or sex related crimes, then they would've stood up against it when it happened, but they would rather be a millionaire celebrity.

Don't complain now. You've already made your career. 

People should've listened to Corey Feldman if not for getting rid of the sexually charged Hollywood offenders, but more because Rose McGowan is an idiot on Twitter.

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