Cory Booker rips Trump at Philly rally: 'I'm worried about the soul of our nation'

Cory Booker held a his presidential campaign event in Philadelphia said he is "worried about the soul of our nation."

Why did Booker decide to have a rally in Philly? Two reasons for this. First of all, Booker explained that he feels connected to Philadelphia, because "he comes from a tough city, too." He meant Newark in New Jersey, a state that he represents in Congress since 2013. And the second reason? Pennsylvania is one of the most important "swing states," and Booker probably wanted to "prepare the ground" for himself for 2020.


During his rally at the Fillmore, Booker spoke about many issues that concern him as a US politician. He started with bashing Trump, accusing him of "moral vandalism" and of "using the same words that white supremacists are now using." He meant there the words like "invasion" and "infestation," that Trump used a few times in his tweets and speeches.

As the main issues, that the USA is facing these days, he named gun violence, climate change, and urban poverty. He also said that these issues existed "long before" Trump.

He also added that the 2020 presidential race "is not a referendum on one guy in one office, this election is about who we are."


As for now, it is unclear if he will ever get the Democratic Party's nomination. He is currently polling at just around 2.5 percent nationally, according to the poll made by Real Clear Politics. Such a result places him as 7th among the Democrats.

During his event in Philadelphia, Booker also said that the people need to stand firm against intolerance, hate, and misogyny. "If there is bigotry, if there is hate, it’s not enough to say I’m not anti-Semitic, you need to be anti- anti-Antisemitism. It’s not enough to say I am not a misogynist, if misogyny exists, you need to be anti-misogyny because there is no neutral," Booker exclaimed.

His rally partner was a rapper named Freeway who praised Booker for his work on the reform of criminal justice.

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