If elected, Cory Booker will create White House office to combat white supremacy

Presidential hopeful and Senator Cory Booker has promised on Thursday to combat white supremacy should he be elected to the Oval Office.

Booker, also said he would require the FBI and Justice Department to essentially treat white supremacy with the same level and amount importance, as well as use as many resources as they are currently using on international terrorism and terrorist groups. 

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This is all coming on the heels of the devastation left behind from the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Democratic candidates have all jumped on the wagon, making promises they likely can't keep. This appears to be Booker's way of trying to drum up more support for his own campaign while integrating both white supremacy with gun control -- two very hot topics among every Democratic candidate.

While both Democrats and President Trump have both publicly supported the idea of "Red Flag Laws," which most of Trump's base oppose, this doesn't appear to be enough for Democrats, or at least the Democratic candidates still running for office. 

Under Booker's proposal, the FBI and other law enforcement authorities would be required to assess "threats" from white supremacists, though he doesn't go into detail on how exactly that would be done.

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Booker also promises to form an advisory group of community leaders hurt by hate crimes to advise his administration. 

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