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Couple stranded by Hurricane Michael spells HELP with trees and they were rescued

A couple took a page out of the movies when they were stranded by Hurricane Michael and needed help to get rescued. They used fallen trees to spell the word HELP in hopes that someone would see it.

Much to their surprise, it worked!

The couple was eventually rescued and we have the photograph of the ariel view, showing the word HELP on the map.

Bay County Emergency Services said they were contacted by the niece, Amber Gee, and dispatched help.
"This is an incredible story of how people are working together," the agency posted on its Facebook page.
Gee fled her home near Panama City with her two children on Thursday but was concerned about her aunt and uncle. She was searching the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration interactive map on Saturday and found HELP spelled out in logs on her grandmother's lawn in Youngstown, northeast of Panama City.
Her uncle, Ernest Gee, had used trees knocked down by Michael to call for help, she told ABC News on Sunday.
A rescue team cut through downed trees to reached the house at about 2 a.m. local time Sunday, rescuing the couple and a family friend.
Those rescuers are among hundreds of emergency management officials and first responders in the Florida Panhandle still grinding away Monday, five days after the storm hit, working around the clock to coordinate resources, volunteers, supplies and rescues in their communities.
"We cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication," Gov. Rick Scott said Monday.

When in doubt, try it out! Good thing someone saw the map/HELP signal and sent the rescue team!


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