Creepy Clown Arrested for Groping Women in Haunted House

A clown working at a Wisconsin haunted house has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly groping the breasts of two customers. Brandon Lee Goral, a 43-year-old local of Janesville, WI is the clown in questions and after police were summoned to the haunted house with reports of women being touched inappropriately by a clown.  Janesville Police questioned both the accusers and Goral, after which two misdemeanor sexual assault counts were slapped on him.


The women told the police that a clown with green hair approached them inside the haunted house and asked them if they wanted to be 'Donald Trumped', motioning with his hands cupped that he would grab them in their lower genitals.  They refused, and while they were quite uncomfortable by the encounter, continued on their way before Goral surprised them and that's when they claim he grabbed their breasts, leaving them feeling violated and uncomfortable.   The women say that at no point did they consent to such acts.

When police question Goral about the accusations he claimed that he doesn't touch women's breasts unless they ask him to and that on the night in question, numerous other women had actually requested he touch their breasts for photos.

The police quizzed Goral about the haunted house policy of employees not being permitted to touch customers to which he replied that he only knew that he was not allowed to touch customers unless they consented.  He defended the Trump gesture as something he only says when he feels he can identify someone as politically conscious.

Goral is free on $2,000 bond and the judge has ordered he has no contact with both of the victims.  While it is not clear at this time the penalties for his offenses in Minnesota are, there is a chance he ends up in jail for up to 15 months according to initial research.

Just when you thought that being in a haunted house could not get any creepier, Shakes The Clown (yes, that's what he goes by while in costume), pops out of nowhere, asks if you'd like your vajayjay or breasts groped, and allegedly does it anyway.  Really?  

If this story doesn't creep you out enough then perhaps looking at what Goral looks like without the mask will.  I'm not sure which look is crazier.