A young nurse was brutally attacked on a bus because of the clothes she was wearing. A thug criminal went up to her and shouted: “those who wear shorts must die!” He kicked her right in the face and it was all caught on video thanks to the security system of the public transit bus.

The sick attack happened on the beginning day of the Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday. The verbal and physical assault happened in Istanbul, in the Maslak area, and people were absolutely outraged by it.

The victim, a 23-year-old nurse named Ay?egül Terzi, had some nasty facial bruises as a result of the thug kicking her in the face. She's reported to believe that the attack was due to her clothing as she was wearing shorts that showed part of her legs. The attacker must have been a Muslim who was sickened by the fact that Terzi was not oppressed and she was enjoying her freedom to wear whatever clothing she enjoys wearing. And, to much onlookers dismay, her clothing was not very revealing. Nothing out of the ordinary - just a pair of regular shorts to go with the rest of her outfit, which was also nothing too revealing.

Independent reports:

“The shorts she was wearing were not appropriate. That’s why I was angry and behaved so,” he said to police after being arrested. The attack was caught on the bus’ closed-circuit television system."

That's really nice of him to get angry over what a woman wears. It shows his inability to coexist and be tolerable while celebrating his religion of peace.

The attacker is still unnamed, yet it's believed he is Muslim as the attack was on the first day of an Islamic holiday and he openly expressed his views on her non-oppressive clothing.

"The incident was captured on the bus’ CCTV camera which apparently shows an unidentified man standing at the back of the bus. According to Turkish media the man is apparently shouting: “those who wear shorts must die!”

Ms Terzi told ShowTV that she didn’t hear him because she was listening to her headphones.

The man then allegedly started to attack the woman, kicking her in the face while apparently screaming “you are a devil!”"

Actually, good sir, I do believe that she is not the devil. It's more believable that you, the thug criminal who kicked a helpless woman in the face is more of a problem than she is.

If this man was trying to impress the woman, by kicking her in the face, then it's no wonder the only chicks he can score are women who are covered head to toe.

Attacking a woman for what she wears, when she's not wearing anything bad, is very wrong.

If this was an obese woman wearing Borat's mankini, then maybe a verbal assault would be tolerable. Maybe...

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