Crowd taunts Philly Police during shootout where 6 officers were shot

During the standoff with a gunman who shot six police officers, local forces in Philadelphia were taunted and mocked by bystanders. As reported by journalist Alexandria Hoff off CBS 3, a crowd yelled and laughed at officers in the middle of gunfire that happened on Wednesday.

In her tweet, Hoff said that she was disappointed as a crowd was cheering against police during the gunfire. The reporter also mentioned that she was harassed during the dramatic events.

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It all started as Philadelphia police tried to serve a narcotics warrant around 4.30 p.m. when a suspect started shooting at them. His gunfire hit six officers before they were transported to local hospitals. Fortunately, the injuries were minor, so all of them are already released. Another officer was injured in a car crash while arriving on the scene, but he is still in the hospital.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross says that they were fortunate that no one was fatally wounded. The standoff lasted for three and a half hours until 8 p.m., and gunfire hasn't stopped for 40 minutes at some point. During that time, at least 30 police officers returned fire, and two women and children were brought backed to safety by SWAT and police force. None of them is injured.

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Many locals were not terribly upset about what happened, as they say, it's their reality. One woman who explained that she is discharged veteran told the press that this incident triggered PTSD, as everything looked like a war zone.

Witnesses describe the event as dramatic, revealing that the shooter was even live-streaming for a while. The police report says that the gunman eventually surrendered and that he was taken to custody after midnight. Since then he was identified as 36-year-old Maurice Hill.

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