Customer unhappy after paying $5 for sandwich with only 2 bits of meat

Being in restaurant and food catering business can be really tricky. Lots of costs, lots of stress and sometimes lots of complaints. You have to pay your employees, pay for the local's rent, pay for the food products, pay taxes, pay for electricity, pay, always pay.

That's why some restaurants' and bars' owners try to skim the costs a little bit. It's all good, until they won't forget about the basic principle of their business – the customers.


Trying to save some money on the food products and their quality, never works. Instead of getting a happy customer that will come back, you raise a frustrated client that in the future can ruin your business, as it happened recently in New Zealand.

A woman went to some local bar in New Zealand, to buy a sandwich. She paid whole 5 New Zealand dollars for it (which is around 4 USD), but what she got for that money was nothing resembling a sandwich actually. It was just a simple toast, with a little butter and tiny pieces of some low-class ham.

Sneaky cafe employees tried to hide the real size of ham pieces and put them to the edge of the sandwich, to make it look as if the whole sandwich was filled with ham. But it was not, and the amount of it was so small that even a small cat wouldn't treat it as a "meal".

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So the lady went to social media, like Facebook, and posted what she got as "a 5 NZD sandwich". They say that "any publicity is good publicity", but we bet that in this case, the New Zealand cafe will actually lose all its reputation and it won't be good for it.

What's your opinion about this? Ever had some unpleasant "adventures" in bars or restaurants?

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