DA's backed by Soros join battle against America's police

Would you look at that! Apparently there's been quite a handful of under-the-radar donations or political investments made by progressive groups that now see DA's squaring up in the clash against America's police forces, mostly calling for all sorts of reforms.

And much to a criminal's enjoyment, these reforms might end up in lower counts of incarcerations and prosecutions. Granted, some petty crimes surely don't require jail-time, but this has Americans on the side of law and order feeling like they're walking into a criminal free for all with their cities, feeling like their prosecutors are working against the good people and standing up for the bad people.

How's this all tie into Soros? Well, Fox News reported that:

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Soros, through the Justice & Public Safety PAC and other groups, has been spending millions of dollars on prosecutorial races in recent years, with a number of beneficiaries making headlines since their elections.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who was boosted by Soros in her campaign, drew controversy when she announced her office was bringing felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who brandished guns outside their home as protesters marched by in June.

Turns out that little pony show is over and Gardner could've been in some trouble if she wrongfully prosecuted the couple.

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But wait, there's more!

Another high-profile prosecutor who has been backed by Soros in the past is Cook County, Ill. State's Attorney Kim Foxx. Foxx drew national attention when she dismissed the case against actor Jussie Smollett, who had been accused of faking a hate crime attack against himself. The case was later taken over by a special prosecutor who filed new charges.

You mean, Juicy Smo-Lay, as Dave Chappelle would put it? The lying actor who managed to find two imaginary MAGA racists who watch a gay black guy on TV? Dave Chappelle was right about Smollett - the guy was a major liar and everyone knew it. But Kim Foxx let him off the hook. She's a Soros sheep.

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Think that's it? Nope.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, another beneficiary of Soros-tied contributions, recently defended the movement to defund police. In a discussion with Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., earlier in July, Boudin questioned whether money going to police was “the most effective” use of taxpayer dollars.

“Is there some other way we could spend this money that would make us safer or do a better job of achieving the goals that we have?” Boudin asked. He went on to say that policing and incarceration “are tremendously expensive and are failed responses to what we are trying to deal with.”

OK, so people just gonna get a free pass to break the law because locking them up is too expensive? What happens in this hypothetical situation when a criminal thinks they're untouchable and commits something absolutely terrible because of these lackadaisical policies?

Don't forget Philadelphia's Larry Krasner, a guy who is hated by most of the people who follow the law in his city.

Krasner, who was elected after Soros put $1.45 million into a political action committee that supported him, has also taken a public stance regarding events that have spun out of the protests over Floyd’s death, particularly the federal response to violent demonstrations in cities like Portland.

In a Washington Post op-ed he co-wrote with Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby, Krasner threatened to have federal officers arrested and charged if they overstep their authority in his jurisdiction, after officers in Portland were accused of using excessive force.

This guy wanted to have the federal police arrested and charged for doing their job!

And go back over to the west coast where we have this debacle:

In Contra Costa County, Calif., District Attorney Diana Becton – also backed by Soros – changed how her office handles police shooting cases, removing deputy district attorney Barry Grove from his role as the main prosecutor in such cases, switching to a team approach, according to the Mercury News.

Becton also wants hate crime charges filed on someone who painted over a black lives matter mural. A hate crime for painting over a painting. Not even writing anything hateful, just dumping some paint on it.

Ready for a good laugh? You know that guy Shaun King, the grifter who looks white as day but parades around the Internet acting like he's black?

Real Justice PAC, also co-founded by Shaun King, has supported 29 head prosecutors and state attorneys general since 2018, including several who were also backed by Soros, such as Gardner, Boudin, Rollins and Becton. The organization is also backing the 2020 campaigns of Foxx and 13 other candidates seeking office.

When it all comes down to it - how about this? Let police do their job the way it was meant to be done, the way that people are finally scared to break the law and go to jail.

And when people commit petty crimes that pose little or no threat to society, like stealing a road cone or spray painting something - don't waste money on court and jail-time on stuff like that. Slap them with a fine and call it a day.

If this country would instill some common sense and actually use it once in a while, we wouldn't have to deal with this nonsense.

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