Dad who ate gecko after bet, died in 'complete agony' ten days later

David Dowell was cheerful, happy and loved by everyone in his community. He is survived by his wife of 10 years and three young daughters. His family describes him as “the life of the party," and he was always ready to make jokes and bets with his friends.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that one of those bets cost him his life.


At a Christmas party, some of his friends saw him eating a gecko out of a dare with his friends. Nobody was sure if David actually swallowed the reptile or spat it minutes later, but what’s certain is that, a few days after the party, he started to feel seriously ill.

The man was diagnosed with a shocking salmonella infection, and the doctors said that the illness had possibly to do with eating the gecko: many reptiles carry salmonella in their gut.

David’s family said he was in “absolute agony."


According to The Brisbane Times, he was so bloated that he resembled a six-month-pregnant woman, and fluid leaked from his stomach. The NY Daily News stated that he had "black urine, green vomit and fluid on his lungs."

During his last days of life, he was put in a coma to manage his pain. After 10 days from the dangerous bet, David passed away on the operating table. 

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