Dad Finds Burglar Near Daughters Bedroom, Breaks His Neck, Charged With Murder

Richard James Slater, 34, had been released from prison in December after serving a 20 month sentence for aggravated break and enter offenses. Slater was said to have broken into a family home with two other men and had stolen a wallet, handbag, and a car that was later used in a ram raid on an adult store where they carried out another robbery.

$1,000 in cash, synthetic drugs, and batteries were stolen from the adult store. Slater's convictions were squashed after CCTV footage was not clear enough to prove that Slater was involved in the break in at the home or robbery at the adult store, proving why cities need high definition cameras that can help convict criminals as needed.

Slater was released from prison after serving 20 months and broke into Benjamin Batterham's home and stole his wife's wallet.

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Benjamin Batterham found Slater standing near his daughter's bedroom clutching his wife's wallet. A brawl ensued and Batterham placed Slater in a choke hold until the police arrived. Police eventually arrived and they realized Slater's neck may have been broken during the altercation. Slater was put on life support and remained in a critical condition until his family chose to turn off the life support machine.

Batterham has been charged with murdering Slater, causing outrage from over 69,000 people think Batterham should have been arrested or charged for anything since he was protecting his home and family.

A man who was killed after allegedly breaking into another man's home had been released from jail in December after his convictions for an aggravated break and enter case were found to be based on 'flawed CCTV footage'.

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The 34-year-old died on Sunday from injuries sustained in a brawl with Benjamin Batterham, who was charged with murder following the father-of-three's death. 

Mr Batterham's arrest has caused significant outrage in the community, with almost 69,000 people signing a petition demanding his immediate release. 

Many have claimed that the father-of-one had been defending his home and family after Slater was allegedly found near the bedroom of the Newcastle resident's daughter while clutching his wife's purse.

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Slater was a father of 3. He had previously been arrested for a string of breaking and entering offenses dating back to 2012. The family of Richard Slater have said that Slater was not at the home breaking in but was instead there to attend a party at the address. It doesn't seem like there was much of a party going on if Slater was in a home uninvited and stealing items. Batterham had no idea if Slater had a weapon or was there to harm people, so he protected his home and family, but the death of Slater should be ruled accidental. Had the man not broken into the home and scared the family, then he would not have broken his neck or been put on life support.

How would you react if you found a man wondering around your home near your daughters bedroom while holding your wife's wallet?

Should Batterham be convicted of murdering Richard Slater? Should it be manslaughter? Should it be anything at all?

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