Dan Bilzerian Feeds Bear At House Party And PETA Complains

Dan Bilzerian, or better known as the "King of Instagram" has once again appeared in the front pages because he fed a giant Kodiak bear at his luxurious 4/20 party.

Now he is facing the hammer of justice thrown at him by animal rights group PETA for this interesting situation he put himself into.

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Let us not forget, this is one of North America's biggest apex predators, and he was calmly feeding him in front of his entourage of women that are, to say the least, minimalistic in their fashion sense. The more you show the better, is the name of the game here, and this video racked up more than 15 million likes and comments after going viral.

The strange "performer" as some would call him was reportedly provided by Steve Martin's Working Wildlife, a business that rents professionally trained "animal actors" for parties and moves.

PETA replied by sending many letters to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the LA Department of Animal Services, which say that Martin and Bilzerian unlawfully exhibited the big animal.

They couldn't have a permit, because of the city regulations expressly saying, that keeping bears in the residential area where their party took place is forbidden.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife received another letter, stating that Martin didn't succeed in containing the bear in an escape-proof enclosure, and that the distance between the unlucky animal and the public, wasn't regulated enough to call it safe, and this means Martin is subject to a fine of up to $10,000 per violation and a permit revocation.

 Bilzerian has to say on this matter that he loves animals and that is why he gave hunting a long time ago, he accused PETA of following "the typical internet bandwagon" and that they can suck his d--k.

Dan tells people that he is a big animal lover and that he would never do something to harm another animal, and if that is true we will just have to wait for another Bilzerian-PETA feud and see.

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