Youth Dance Instructor Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Tyree Dumas of West Philadelphia was arrested and charged with child sexual assault charges. He's the twenty-eight-year-old founder and CEO of the DollarBoyz dance and youth group which specializes in entertainment, performing arts and a myriad of other positive subjects. He's been charged with three separate counts of sexual assaults on children and and other charges of endangering the welfare of children.

One charge was related to a June 2017 incident while the other two are from cases in 2013 and 2008 which allegedly involve sexual assaults on 11 and 13-year-old boys. The latest charge comes from an case the Special Victims unit investigated Dumas for the assault of a boy that is only 8-years-old.


All children were members of the DollarBoyz dance group under the tutelage of Dumas.

Parents of the victims are likely irate and upset that something like this can happen from someone they had trusted saying, "It's sickening, it's sickening and it hurts my heart that my son got to go through this."

Police say that the building where the group was based was also the home address of Dumas and he was eventually arrested at this address. Reporters spoke to local business owners and they were reeling in shock.

Dani Love of the Royal Mane Boutique said that she had been hearing of the DollarBoyz for more than ten years and what she heard was nothing but positive.  She said the group was well known for being a positive part of the community, keeping kids involved with something they loved when they otherwise may have been out getting in trouble.  She added that she is absolutely shocked to hear something like this was going on right in her own backyard.

Another merchant, Nick Cole who runs Contenders Barbershop not far from the headquarters and scene of at least 1 of the alleged crimes said, "It really shocked me to hear something like that, because I didn't think anything like that was going on down there. I thought they were running a legitimate business.”

DollarBoyz bills itself on social media as the world's largest youth entertainment company that aims to create a positive force for change.  At the time of this article their Instagram account has more than 44,000 followers and is checkered with posts by their followers in support of Dumas, often saying that the accusers are lying, one even calling the arrest of Dumas the Devil's work to bring a positive black man down.  Their youtube channel has just over 26,000 subscribers.

Tyree Dumas is out of jail and free on bond as he awaits his impending October court appearance.  The police are still looking for other victims that may have been assaulted by Dumas and urge them to contact them right away.

Police Captain Mark Burgmann of the SVU said in a statement that they are always concerned with incidents such as these, especially when there are so many children involved with the DollarBoyz organization.