Dave Chappelle's cousin is speaking out for the first time, after being contacted by journalists that read some comments she left on several YouTube videos.

She was very close with her cousin Dave Chappelle. The cousin tells the story about why he went to Africa, what happened before that, and what happened after.  She says they killed and cloned him not long after he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. They lured him into a meeting with TV executives and that was the last she ever heard from him.

The next time she saw him on TV she knew immediately that was not her cousin….whom she’d known since they were born. It looked, acted and sounded nothing like him.

And in order to avoid the questions his family would have when they sent a clone home instead of him…she says they killed and cloned his entire immediate family. His wife, his kids and his mother who were all living on the farm with him.

This is a fascinating interview. And it makes sense. Chapelle was trying to get away from them. He was speaking out. Then suddenly like someone snapped their fingers he’s back in the game.

This is a compelling interview, which kind of makes a little sense. Chappelle was trying to get away from them. He was speaking out. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he’s back in the game.

Do not forget for a moment that they allegedly kill these people first. If you think the idea that they clone people and replace them is ridiculous then you, according to conspiracy theorists, may behind the curve and should do some research.

The original video interview with Chappelle's cousin was posted a recently by the JT Anwom YouTube channel. It was swiftly removed by YouTube moderators. This was the description on the original video before it was taken down:

“Had to re-upload this because YouTube took the sound off the first video for some odd reason, so we’re re-uploading this. We saw numerous comments from a woman named #1 Original Negan Girl on YouTube, who made several comments under multiple videos regarding Dave Chappelle. Comments stating how Dave was her cousin…on videos that were done by those such as The Vigilant Christian and others. So upon us seeing her comments everywhere on YouTube, we decided to contact her to ask her to share her facts about what she knows regarding Dave, and she said she would if we made her voice anonymous, for fear of her safety, which we did. So this is her story.”

Conspiracy theorists rationalize this in the following way:

And before you dismiss the cloning thing as some “crazy tin foil hat” conspiracy theory plse listen to this short explanation about how organic robotoid clones are made (this is the type of clone Dave Chapelle’s cousin says he is), how they work, and how they take a holographic picture of the persons brain and are then able to upload a person’s memories into the brains of these organic robotoid clones who are programmed just lIke a computer. The technology the elite possess now has been given to them from the fallen angels and it is hundreds of years more advanced than they show the public.

I guess we will have to watch the actual interview before making final conclusions, but if you ask me, Dave Chappelle regretting how he cracked jokes about his African heritage and becoming conscientious about it, then going to Africa to re-charge makes way more sense than him being killed and cloned by TV executives.

I'll give them only that he does not, indeed, act like the old Dave Chappelle.  Be it old age, be it him becoming more like other comics and staying away from extreme racial issues, who knows.

I recently watched the Dave Chappelle comedy special on Netflix and I have to say, it was disappointing and he clearly lacked the energy and charisma he once possessed. Again, I personally give more credo to his age and change of course in his line of comedy for this seeming lack of the old Dave Chappelle we all knew and loved.

Did anyone ever think that maybe he's not too ecstatic to be doing standup for money like he's done for decades and he's a bit peeved he's had to stoop to this 'level' to make ends meet?   I wouldn't be too enthused either if I had to step down from an almighty pedestal and spit jokes for a bunch of people to make money to live on.

What do you think? Was Dave Chappelle killed and cloned?

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