David Hogg and his sister Lauren announced they will release a book titled #NeverAgain. It will likely tell a tale about their journey and the people they lost thanks to the Parkland shooting. While perusing the replies on David Hogg's Twitter post, there was one person who accidentally revealed the truth about David Hogg. This came as a shock and was purely accidental, but their Tweet completely exposed David Hogg for being a huge fraud.

The person stated that their child was in a room with David Hogg while the Parkland shooting unfolded and 17 people were murdered and countless others were injured. Then they revealed the truth - that their child and David Hogg were actually in an adjacent building, NOT the one which was being shot up by Nikolas Cruz.

Crickets. No reply. Once they stop replying that generally means they said the wrong thing. I'm shocked she/he didn't delete this Tweet.

This verifies that David Hogg is NOT a survivor of the Parkland shooting. Of course, that's if Casey Becher is, in fact, telling the truth. Based on reading their profile and Tweets more, they seem to be supportive of the leftist cause, so it wouldn't make sense for them to craft a lie because they're on Hogg's side.

Of course, this will be met with high levels of criticism and "how dare you say that about a shooting survivor" but the truth is that he's not a survivor at all. Show me the bullet holes in his body and we can call him a survivor. Fellow teen Anthony Borges is a real survivor and a hero. That young man saved people as his body was riddled with bullets. He's the kid who deserves all the love and attention, not some left wing half wit hack who is skipping college.

You simply cannot call David Hogg a survivor, no matter what. Just because he was in the building next door, that does not qualify him as being a survivor. Hogg was not shot, nor was he shot at. He did not survive anything at all. In fact, he could have carried on with his studies in class and the people in that building may not have been affected at all.

Simply being in the vicinity of a crime or incident does not make one a survivor of said crime or incident.

In fact, anyone who was not shot or shot at that day is not a survivor either.

Let's put it into perspective. Remember James Eagan Holmes? In 2012 he shot up an Aurora movie theater while the Dark Knight Rises was playing. Most movie theaters have several movie theater rooms. The people who were in the particular room while Eagan fired his weapons, who then lived, are survivors. What about the people in the next few movie rooms over? Are they survivors? No. They are not. They were not shot at, nor were they shot. They were not involved at all.

Let's give another example. In 2011 the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists and 2.996 people lost their lives. Several buildings fell to the ground and it was mass chaos. Anyone who was in the buildings and made it out became a survivor just before the buildings crumbled. What about the buildings nearby that were not affected or hit by an airplane? What about the buildings that did not collapse (or implode)? Are the people in those buildings considered survivors? No. They are not. Their building was not attacked nor did it collapse. They were able to walk out of their building and go home.

The same is true about David Hogg and anyone who was in the building that was not shot at.

This means that David Hogg was not involved in the Parkland shooting.

He was not shot.

He was not shot at.

He is not a survivor.

Anyone claiming that he is a survivor is wrong.

I asked David Hogg about this and he did not reply.