David Hogg Says He Was Target Of 7 'Assassination Attempts'

David Hogg says that he faced multiple threats and assassination attempts in recent years. Seven of them, to be exact.

After surviving school shooting massacre in Parkland, David Hogg, along with his mates from school, decided to do something about gun violence in USA. So, he did setup Never Again MSD, a student-led political action committee that advocates gun control and much stricter gun laws in USA.

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Hogg, 19, has to consider himself as a really lucky person, indeed. He survived one of the most brutal school shootings in USA in last decades. But unlike many people that survive such horrifying happenings, David decided to change the country to not let such things happen ever again.

He, along with his friends from school, marched in March for Our Lives in Washington. D.C in 2018, demanding change of gun laws in USA. He also confronted gun lobbyists and lawmakers live on CNN.

During last two years, David slowly became some kind of icon and star of gun control movement in USA. But such popularity comes with a price, obviously. He says that he became a target of various far right groups, people believing in conspiracy theories and maybe even NRA itself.

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"If they kill me, that's probably the stupidest thing they could try to do to end the movement", says David. And he is probably right. Such action would probably have the exactly opposite effect, making him a martyr and changing gun laws in USA forever.

Nonetheless, David's life has been in danger many times in last years. Just recently, some "prankster" notified police that David's family has been taken as hostages, for a ransom of $100,000. Soon after receiving this call, SWAT team armed with assault rifles stormed his house.

David and his family were not home that day.

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