Former Yankees star DONE watching baseball after MLB moves All-Star game

A former Yankees pitcher is speaking out after MLB pulled their latest publicity stunt and moved the all-star game out of Atlanta, screwing over baseball fans and the city by moving the game to Denver - a more white city.

He is David Wells and he straight up said, "I don't watch baseball anymore" when talking with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, as reported on CBS.

Former big league pitcher David Wells says he's done watching baseball after MLB's announcement that it would move this season's All-Star Game out of Atlanta. The decision came after the state of Georgia passed a voting law that many have criticized for suppressing Black, and other minority voters.

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"I don't watch baseball anymore, Brian," Wells said to Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on his podcast. "I refuse to watch it because of this. I don't want no part of it, and this was my life. ... For me to not want to go to a baseball game or even watch it, it kills me, because I don't put up with that kind of crap and I don't condone it."

In addition to the All-Star game getting moved, the amateur draft will also be moved out of Atlanta. Wells also voiced concern about the supposed economic impact that this decision will have on the city.

"To me, how do you change the games, the dynamics, and hurt a city like Atlanta [that] really needs some income in that situation?" he said.

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He also took a shot at commissioner Rob Manfred, calling him "a bit odd" and adding that he never liked him because Manfred "never understood anything."

David Wells ain't the only one sick of sports leagues going woke in the name of social justice. A lot of us are sick of sports mixing with politics and we want them to STICK TO SPORTS.

There is NO reason the MLB needs to move an all-star game over a law they don't like. It's absolutely ridiculous and you lose respect for the league. Imagine being a kid and getting to see the all-star game in your city, a game that happens once a year, and it's basically a once in a lifetime chance that it takes place in your city. A time when the best players in the league are all in one place and it brings in revenue for the city while giving families something fun to do.

Nope! Not this year in Atlanta! MLB does not care about their fans if they're choosing politics over baseball.

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