De Niro says Trump might begin a war to get a third term as President

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro suggested that President Donald Trump might start a war in hopes to secure a third term as president. Keep in mind that presidents are limited to two terms, but apparently there's some sort of odd exception that would allow Trump an unheard of third term if there's a war going on - and De Niro is biting the bait on it and sending those vibes out like this is actually happening.

Now this was quite a while ago and Donald Trump has since been acquitted in his impeachment and we are not really at war with anyone - so De Niro might be biting his tongue on this one.

Either way, Marlon Stern from the Daily Beast poked the bear on it and De Niro spilled the honey pot.


Stern wrote:

Robert De Niro is dreadfully worried that, should President Donald Trump evade impeachment and be re-elected, he’ll likely start a war in a brazen effort to secure a third term.

“I’m worried because if he gets re-elected, it’s gonna be very, very bad—very bad on a lot of levels. We already have a lot of reparations, if you will—repairs—to do to the damage that he’s already done, and he has to be gotten out,” De Niro tells The Daily Beast. “He’s going to be history at one point, though he’d love to be president for life. He jokes about it. I think that if he became president for a second term he’d try to have a third term, and let smarter people manipulate it into getting us into some kind of altercation: a war.”

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According to the star of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, the upcoming Netflix film The Irishman, and really too many classic films to mention, this theory was first floated to him by longtime collaborator Martin Scorsese.

Let's just put it out there that The Irishman was a good movie, but The Departed was much better - by far, and it didn't require three hours to get the point across.

I do believe De Niro is jumping off the deep end with accusing a president of wanting war just to stay in office. It's not like Trump is getting paid for it - and don't forget, presidents get a lifetime salary when their time at the White House is done, so Trump would be getting paid after eight years anyway. He's not currently taking the salary, but he'll most certainly take the post-presidential pay - because why wouldn't he?

Stern continued his report with De Niro:

“The only other president who served a third term was Roosevelt because he was in a war, and this fool would go and start something. This was what Marty Scorsese was saying, and I said, ‘Marty, I never thought of that. I never thought he’d go for a third term if there was a war or something,’” De Niro explains. “Trump joked about being ‘president for life’ with [Chinese president Xi Jinping] and so-on, he’ll pardon anybody, he’ll do anything. The day after he was elected, I went on a TV show and said I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and say that I hope he won’t be as bad as I think he will be, but he’s turned out to be a lot worse.” 

Would Trump want a third term in office? I think so because he would probably love to annoy the Democrats for 12 years straight with his Twitter posts. If there's one thing Trump doesn't do, it's hold back on Twitter.

But, I don't believe Trump would start a war just to stay in office for four more years. I think Trump respects and loves his military and wouldn't put them up to something just for his own personal gain. While Hollywood criticism from people like De Niro run wild and suggest otherwise, most people with a more logical and reasonable train of thought would say no, Trump would not begin a pointless war just to stay in the White House and keep tweeting at everyone.

Trump's got those Twitter followers for life, so he'll always have an audience there.

I don't think he would turn it down, if he had the chance of a third term - but I find it very hard to believe he would willingly put American soldiers at risk just for his own needs.

Maybe anyone who thinks that should have their own head checked, Robert.

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