Dead Body Found In Walmart Bathroom 3 Days After She Went In

Walmart just proved how nasty they are. A woman's lifeless body was found THREE DAYS after she walked into the store in Oklahoma. She went into the family bathroom and that was the last anyone has seen of her.

An employee tried to open the door but it was locked. Instead of knocking on the door or getting a key to open the door, the employee placed an "out of order" sign on the door and called it a day. Three days go by and finally someone decided to either open the door or see what's wrong with the bathroom since it had the "out of order" sign on it.

That's when they realized there was a dead body in there who was apparently in there for three days.

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What does this tell me? It tells me Walmart might let their skank bathrooms go several days without being cleaned. NASTY!!!

Police in Oklahoma are investigating after a 29-year-old woman’s body was discovered in the bathroom of a Wal-Mart on Monday, three days after she went into the store.

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Investigators told television station KJRH  in Tulsa that an employee at the Sand Springs Wal-Mart tried to get into the family bathroom on Friday, but it was locked.

At that point, the employee placed an out-of-order sign on the door. Several days later, employees checked again and discovered the woman’s body.

KOKI-TV, another station in Tulsa, identified the woman as Katherine Caraway, of Muskogee.

Investigators say her death does not appear to be suspicious, adding that she may have died from a health condition

Condolences to Katherine Caraway's family. This must be horrible news to find out that their family member and friend had passed away and this particular Walmart in general couldn't be bothered to check their bathrooms and ensure that no one is in them.

Don't stores check their bathrooms before closing down for the night? Don't stores want to make sure there's not someone hiding in the bathroom who will then come out and steal everything?

This sounds like a very irresponsible store and I hope they get their policies and procedures organized. What if the woman was locked in and screaming for help?

What if she was still alive on the first day and a Walmart employee found her and she was saved?

Walmart sucks.

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