Deaf Dad and Deaf toddler hear each other for the first time

The relationship between a parent and child is the most important one there is. The first person a child learns about the world from, the first person they see, smell, and most importantly, the first voice they hear. In a case where this doesn't happen is really tragic. That was the case with this particular family. Baby Max was born completely deaf. But, parents Randy and Michelle were still determined to make it work. Then came a miraculous opportunity for this family. When mom heard about the chance to do a cochlear implant, the parents jumped to action. What happened next was life changing for them. The serial moment when baby Max could hear Dad's voice is shown in the image. It's true when people say that a picture says 1000 words! Seeing their faces shows that miracles do happen. Soon after, Randy also went for the procedure and had a similar moment when he was able to hear his son's voice for the first time! Wow, double whammy miracle!

Randy Adams and his son, 16-month-old Max, have the same hair, the same eyes and the same hearing impairment.


When the 35-year old Canton construction worker met his wife Michelle at a party four years ago, he typed out messages on his Phone to introduce himself.  

The son of two deaf parents, Randy had been born profoundly deaf.

Randy and Michelle didn't realize their son would be born with the same genetic inner ear defect as his dad.


The fact that this family could give their child a chance at a "normal" life is so great. His father getting this same gift just makes the story that much more amazing. This article shows that there really is always a chance to make a situation better.

Giving up was not an option for this family, and it shouldn't be for anyone else either.

What would you do in this situation? Could you imagine the moment between father and child when they both hear for the first time? Can you imagine hearing your child for the first time? When a child is born, they let out their first sounds, usually a cry since they can't exactly talk yet.

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But imagine seeing your child grow up a bit and not ever hearing them. Then one day you can finally hear what your lovely kid sounds like. Amazing, right? Well, amazing until they keep you up at 4am, but even that moment is precious for a family who never experienced it.

OK, it's precious the first time, but not on the nights when you're up early for work!

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