'Death Camps For Trump Supporters' fliers posted in New York

A story on Patch claims that "multiple fliers have been posted on street posts and parking meters in Patchogue reading "Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now!!!"

The article posted several photos of the fliers which all seem to say the same thing about Trump supporters. The fliers were spotted "across the street from Stanley's Bedding Furniture on East Main Street, between Maple Avenue and North Ocean Avenue. Two more were also posted on a street sign and electrical box across the street from the nearby Family Dollar store."

The people/person who allegedly took pictures of this are from the "Shock Theater collective" which is a group who creates haunted houses and scary scenarios for people to take part in. They said they are not responsible for the fliers, nor do they know who posted them.


It should also be known that "workers at three businesses on the block told Patch they hadn't noticed any fliers Tuesday."

It remains unclear if the people working with the Shock Theater collective posted these fliers as part of a way to gain some publicity for their name, or if they truly witnessed the fliers and only took photographs of them. Some may think the fliers, which contain skulls and look scary, could have been made by the group creating other horror based items. However, there is no evidence to suggest the Shock Theater collective did or did not create them. That will remain unclear until someone is either caught or takes responsibility for the actions.

Patchogue is located along the south shore of Long Island in New York.


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