Man decapitates mother, carries head to the market, stabs employee

A man decapitated his mother on Mother’s Day, brought her head to a market, and then stabbed an employee of the store before being pinned down and held for the police.

As per reports, Joshua Lee Webb, 36, came to a grocery store in a nearby town carrying a human head and started stabbing a checkout clerk before being overpowered and pinned down by people nearby.

It was Mother's day when this terrible chain of events began on that nightmarish Sunday afternoon in Colton.

ESTACADA, Ore. -- A weeping father spoke in shock as he described his son who is accused of decapitating his mother on Mother's Day and bringing her head to a grocery store and attacking an employee in rural Oregon.

"I never foresaw a problem. If I had I would have stopped it," David Webb told The Associated Press before bursting into loud sobs during a phone interview. "I just can't believe I lost my wife and son in one day. ... I don't know. I wish I did. I wish I had some answers, but I don't. I waited all my life to retire with my wife, and now I can't. That's all I know."

Authorities say Joshua Lee Webb, 36, showed up at a grocery store in a nearby town carrying a human head and began stabbing a checkout clerk before being subdued.

David Webb, struggling to process his wife's death and son's arrest, said his son had vision problems and received Social Security payments.

Mother’s day is the day celebrated world over in reverence to our mothers. People pay obeisance to their mother and offer gifts in various forms to express their love and gratitude.

What this man did was a gruesome and heinous crime. He  murdered his own mother who gave him life and brought him to this beautiful world and nurtured him all these years. All for this! His dastardly act is not acceptable and cannot be pardoned under any circumstance.

No doubt, his father was crying profusely and was in shock when he spoke about his son who had committed the horrible crime of severing his mother’s head on Mother’s day, carrying it to a market, and there too attacking an employee to cause more harm to people.

"He didn't say anything after he was subdued," said Ernie Roberts, interim police chief in nearby Sandy, Oregon, said Monday.

"He was in like a catatonic state, wasn't speaking to anybody," Roberts said, adding that the only thing he said during the encounter before his arrest was that he was thirsty. Sandy provides police services for Estacada, which also has around 2,500 residents.

The accused appeared to be in a disturbed state of mind and in such circumstances they never speak and never respond easily to any question that may be asked. That is why he did not speak anything once he was over powered. When he was encountered and arrested, he said only one word that he is thirsty. 

The grocery store checkout clerk was hospitalized and was expected to survive.

Customers stopped by in a steady stream to drop off balloons as a tribute in front of the store and to sign a giant get-well poster. A small collection of candles also grew on the other side of the parking lot, just in front of yellow police tape that covered nearly an entire block.

The injured store clerk was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and was said to be out danger by the doctors attending on him. The incident soon spread like a wildfire in the area creating fear in the minds of the people. While some people took their children inside and closed their doors and windows thinking that some maniac is on the prowl and was afraid to come out or even see out of their window. While others, mostly gents and youngsters started coming to the place out of curiosity to know as to what happened exactly. They were all gossiping among themselves. In the meanwhile, customers assembled in front of the store and offered flowers and placed candles and incense sticks as a mark of respect besides signing a huge 'Get Well Soon' poster wishing the injured clerk for a speedy recovery. 

A horrible and sad day that did not have to happen.

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