Defector Links Kim Jong-un with Teen Sex Slaves and Executions

A defector and family member of a former high ranking official in the North Korean regime, speaking from South Korea, gives us a rare insight into a possible haunting backstory of Kim Jong-un. This story comes from someone who claims they have witnessed these events in person and then escaped North Korea. This is the story they claim is true.

Hee Yeon Lim (not her real name) reportedly paid someone to help her and her family escape the isolated nation following the death of her father, Colonel Wui Yeon Lim. This was back in 2015.

She tells stories of how the dictator and other ruling elites would visit schools and select teenage girls, specifically with straight legs, to work at the despot's homes.  He reportedly had the prettiest girls chosen for this terrible task who were conditioned on how to properly feed the dictator expensive caviar, bird's nest juice (Asian delicacy), and massage him.

The abducted teens would have to appease his sexual desires and are afforded no margin for error under the threat of 'disappearing'.

She documented the terrible acts such as forcing families and random school children to watch horrific public executions.  

In one execution, of 11 musicians who the regime said was producing pornography, they were each tied up to an anti-aircraft gun and one-by-one the guns were fired. The shots horrifically obliterated the musicians.  If that wasn't enough to drop your jaw, the regime then had tanks repeatedly roll over the body parts until they were finely pushed into the ground, leaving almost no trace the person ever existed.  The spectators were not only members of the North Korean elite, but school children were reported to be bused in by security forces to the Military Academy of Pyongyang and marched to the sports stadium. 

There was an estimated 10,000+ crowd on hand forced to watch an alleged execution of the hooded and bound musicians.

Kim Jong-un reportedly dines on $2,700 dishes regularly despite his people surviving by eating grass, according to the defector.

Kim Jong-un also had five of his most senior officials killed in a similar fashion to that of the musicians, with anti-aircraft guns for allegedly providing him with inaccurate information.

The dictator is also reported to have a vast network of luxury safe houses within his rogue state in order to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for spy agencies to know his location at any given time and his regime is well documented to be actively brainwashing its citizens telling them that North Korea is invincible and that the US is out to get them.

This potential brainwashing and propaganda has been going on for a couple of generations.  I have seen documentaries from ballsy journalists who actually went to North Korea to see what life is like, and the people clearly hate America, it's not all being staged for the cameras momentarily.

Hee Yeon said that at times when things such as North Korea's missile launches occur, all adults are told to sleep in military uniforms just in case a war breaks out.

After witnessing the brutal killing of the musicians from a mere 200 feet away, Hee Yeon was sickened and knew she had to get out or North Korea.

Fortunately, North Korean soldiers are so poor that they have no choice but to accept money to allow and assist defectors.  She fled to China, from there she went to Laos then took a flight to South Korea.

While Hee Yeon's time of living in constant fear of Kim Jong-un is over, millions are forced to live under what some people call a dictatorship that comes with some extreme measures and lifestyles.

This report comes from a person who claimed to be a defector. We do not have any official evidence other than this person's story.

This story is also featured on much larger news sources. Please feel free to research the topic and report back if you find anything.