DE Police Seize 13,000 Bags of Heroin and Gun from Couple

In what was initially a simple search by US Marshals regarding a probation violation, the situation turned out to be much, much bigger.  The US Marshals, local and state law enforcement took down Dover residents Cameron Norwood and Natasha Morris for a probation violation.  It was later discovered that Morris herself also had a warrant issued from Sussex County Court of Common Pleas but the exact nature of the warrant was not released by authorities. The take down happened at a Best Western hotel located at 1700 East Lebanon Road.  

Once they were caught in Dover, Delaware, a search of the room and car they had occupied turned up 13,000 bags of heroin and a fully loaded 9mm handgun.  The bags which amounted to about 96 grams in weight have an estimated street value of over $25,000.

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Master Corporal Gary Fournier said the search began in the late morning of Thursday, September 21, 2017 after the took the pair into custody.

Norwood and Morris were taken to Troop 3 in Camden where they were charged.

Both suspects have been charged with multiple offenses stemming from the busty including possession of a controlled substance (heroin), possession with intent to distribute, conspiracy in the second degree, two counts of possession of a firearm or ammunition by a person prohibited. possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, possession of drug paraphernalia and other related offenses.  The pair were both arraigned at JP2 and remanded to the custody of the Department of Corrections and bail has been set at $170,000. It is believed that they will be represented by public defenders, but that remains uncertain.

This is another example of law enforcement working successfully together at different levels, federal, state and local to get perpetrators of drugs and violence off the streets.

Heroin is causing a crazy amount of people to overdose and lose their life. It's right up there with meth - you don't see 40-year-old addicts because they eventually overdose at a much early age.

How can citizens fight the hard drug addiction problems? This is much worse than someone smoking a little bit of reefer on the weekend. This is people with sick addiction issues to life destroying drugs and we need everyone involved if we're going to save people.

Otherwise, users of drugs like heroin and meth are likely to overdose.

Should we all help to fight the battle, or let them overdose and learn their lesson?

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