Weird Deli Sign Asks Customers Not To Talk About Math

A math professor noticed a weird sign in a deli. It informed customers to not talk about math while waiting in line. Kinda strange, right? Well, strange but true.

I wonder what happens if you begin talking about a complex equation or the square root of something. Perhaps you want to buy some pie that costs the amount of pie. Interesting, right? What if you're a contractor replacing the floor in the deli and have to take measurements and say them out loud to your co-workers?

Still think the sign is a bad idea? Think it's fake? It's real. It's quite a fancy sign too. Whomever made the sign did a fairly nice job! Have a look for yourself.

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A Pennsylvania math professor shared a photo of an unusual sign at her local deli: "Please refrain from discussing mathematics while waiting in line."

Anna Haensch, professor of mathematics at Duquesne University, tweeted a photo she snapped while waiting near checkout at an unidentified deli in Pittsburgh.

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"Please refrain from discussing mathematics while waiting in line," the sign reads.

Do the people working the register count all money by hand and do their own equations? Do they not have a modern register that calculates formulas for them? Or is there someone working at the deli who has a fear of mathematics in the forum of verbal discussion?

What if everyone is saying numbers out loud and the cashier constantly has to start over when counting change or payments? Then the line is out the door like your local Chipotle. The line at our store is out the door already, so if we go there and start talking about math, then the line will probably go across the country. By the time you get your burrito bowl, you've already eaten what's left of both of your feet from standing in line for ten years.

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And to top it off, they charge extra for guacamole.

If you see a strange sign at your local deli or any other establishment, then take a picture and send us your story!

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