Democrat Campaign intern accused of Voter Intimidation in PA

A Democrat campaign intern has been accused of voter intimidation in PA, based on an accusation from candidate Sean Parnell and his Republican campaign.

Intern Emily Resko for Rep. Conor Lamb, a Democrat, has posted pictures of voter rolls on social media platform called Snapchat, a platform where some pictures are deleted after 24 hours. One of the pictures she allegedly posted had the caption "im about to see how alllllll you fuckers vote," according to the Free Beacon.

After tens of thousands of voters received the wrong ballots, Parnell asked courts to mandate poll watchers at satellite voting locations in the district. Resko said the Lamb campaign picked her to assist Elias, a leading Democratic campaign lawyer, in opposing Parnell's request.

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In reaction to the news, Resko wrote on Snapchat: "[S]o how about because of my internship, me and this other boy were picked tonight to LITERALLY BE ASSISTANTS UNDER THE LAWYER ON THIS POTENTIAL CASE. I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED fuck parnell and his voter supression." That message contained screenshots of tweets from Lamb and Elias. "[I] literally get to gather data for this case this is amazing im excited ok bye sorry."

Resko also said she had access to voter files, which "give me full access to the voting history of ALL residents in the 17th congressional district." Later, she sent a message containing a partial spreadsheet in which she wrote that she was "about to see how alllllll you fuckers vote."

It's obvious what's going on here. This person needs a hug. Whoever posted this picture and the others as posted on Free Beacon lacks attention. She's seeking attention by posting these photos to get instant gratification in the form of likes. Where are her parents? How old is she? Doesn't she know by now that this is all really bad to do when you're in an election?

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But seriously folks, everyone wants their five minutes of fame when it comes to social media and they think they're posting the coolest thing ever, when in fact they're just acting like a self-centered person who needs a hug from their parents.

Maybe the campaign should call her family and have a big hug session.

Also, to anyone out there being an intern on a campaign, don't ever post things like this on social media. It makes your candidate look bad and it's kinda classless.

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