Democrat Congressman wants to fight Trump 'IN THE STREETS' if he declares National Emergency


WOW! So this knuckleheaded Democrat just posted on social media that if President Donald Trump declares the country to be in a national emergency over the border situation, then "we'll" fight him in the Congress, courts, and streets! Oh snap, this guy is a badass - said no one ever. His name is Mike Levin and it sounds like he has quite a hardon for going against President Donald Trump. It's one thing to disagree and make counter points against Trump using some facts, logic, and common sense, but to suggest that people fight in the streets is a bit psychotic, amiright?

First of all, this dude ain't fighting anyone in the streets. One look at him and I can tell you at least a dozen girls who could probably beat his ass. If he's talking about protesting, then he should say protesting because fighting to me means punching each other in the fucking face and there is literally no other meaning for fighting "in the streets" if it's not physical.

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Of course, he was probably saying that to make a Twitter talking point and get some retweets and likes, and it worked, but it was still a bad choice of words. Now people are going to say he's advocating violence. Well, is he? Is he calling for a civil war or is he calling for people to protest? Either way, he picked the wrong words on this one and now it's going to end up going viral even if he didn't mean for people to actually fist fight.

Let's also point out that he's from California, so if he was fighting his weapon of choice might be a homeless turd or a paper straw.

Here's his quote and tweet below, with a few replies for fun.

"If @realDonaldTrump declares a “national emergency” to pay for his border wall, we’ll fight him in Congress, in the courts, and in the streets."