Democrat lawmaker apologizes for calling mostly black county a ‘N****r District’

Democrats love diversity so much that some of them feel comfortable calling a mostly-black county a "N****R DISTRICT." Well, at least one Democrat did that and her name is Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Harford) and she is very white. She reportedly topped it off by saying that “everyone has used” the word. Have we learned nothing from Ralph Northam and his alleged blackface incident?

According to the report by HuffPost, "Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Harford), who is white, allegedly told a white colleague late last month at an Annapolis cigar bar that campaigning in Prince George’s County on behalf of another candidate amounted to door-knocking in a “n*gger district."

HuffPost continued their report by stating that Prince George's County is 65% black, and that Lisanti represents Harford which is 80% white.

But I thought Democrats were all about the people and supporting urban culture? Nope, not this one! Lisanti does not sound too thrilled to be around the black folks. Calling a mostly black town "n-gger district" is probably a good reason for her to resign, don't ya think?

The story gets even better. Lisanti claims she doesn't remember saying that. Of course she would say that.

"Lisanti told caucus leadership that she did not recall using the slur and offered an “inadequate” apology, the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland said in a statement on Tuesday. "

Too bad, Lisanti.

The Black Caucus responded to her alleged racism, according to the HuffPost.

“We are asking [House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel)] to move swiftly in reprimanding her in a disciplinary manner,” the black caucus continued. “The use of a derogatory term exhibits that she does not hold the requisite contrition to be entrusted in a leadership role moving forward.”

They want her to have consequences and undergo sensitivity training. We all know sensitivity training is nonsense though. Everyone mocks it because it's ridiculous.

Have we learned nothing over the last few hundred years to not say the N-Word when we're in a position of power. 

Or you know, how about just not saying it at all because there's no point to saying it? Is that too hard for Democrats?

So here we go with ANOTHER RACIST DEMOCRAT getting themselves in trouble.

Can Democrats stop calling Republicans racist when the Democrats are the ones who constantly get called out for actually being racist?

Democrats keep getting called out as racist, but they call everyone else racist.

Anyone else notice that?

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