Democrat mayor goes to the gym, despite city-wide shutdowns

Anyone know how to spell hypocrite? NYC's Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio was seen going to the gym despite Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo shutting down schools, bars and restaurants. People have been encouraged to practice social distancing and some cities have even banned or canceled gatherings of 50 or more.

Cuomo said that by 8pm on Monday night, the bars and restaurants in New York will be closed. They're also closing in New Jersey and Connecticut too. 

Guess what else is closing? Gyms, movie theaters, casinos - but this Democrat mayor just needs to get his last workout in!

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de Blasio is now being criticized for not leading by example.

Julia Marsh at NY Post summed it up perfectly.

“Text I just received (from someone who is definitely not making this up): ‘I just walked by DeBlasio [sic] going into the Y to work out so YOLO?'” a Twitter user named Teddy Goff wrote at 10:08 a.m.

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Hizzoner went to the Prospect Park YMCA, a rep said, noting that he arrived around 9 a.m. and left about an hour later.

The mayor’s continued gym-rat routine — which includes a 12-mile drive from Gracie Mansion to Park Slope with his NYPD detail — had some of his former staffers fuming.

“He went to the f–king gym? Jesus!” said one shocked ex-staffer.

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The comment from the ex-staffer is exactly my thought as well.

I get it that some people are huge gym buffs, but when your city is shutting down and you're supposed to lead by example, then maybe that one last workout could be done at home while watching some YouTube clips or running up and down stairs.

On the contrary, if the gyms aren't ordered to close until tonight, then going to the gym is actually nothing wrong and people criticizing it are probably just bored.

But still - when you're in a position of leadership and telling people to social distance, then walk into a gym covered in germs, then you probably will be called a hypocrite.

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