Revealed: Democrat plan to protect undocumented criminals from deportation

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," host Tucker Carlson reveals an upcoming Democratic-led House legislation that will change the immigration system entirely. 

This act is the "New Way Forward Act," a bill sponsored by 44 House Democrats including controversial figures Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. What is weird about this is that despite having the majority of support from the party, this bill has not been out in the public. 

Carlson describes it as a means to change the Constitution and create a new country due to the bill being around 4,400 words. However, it is not the words they should be worrying about. This bill will reboot the immigration system, and in his words, saying that its purpose will be to ensure that criminals can easily enter the United States, settle there permanently and with impunity. 

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The host deemed this act the "single most radical single piece of legislation we have ever seen proposed in this country, ever. This proposed legislation will decrease the power of immigration laws that requires convicted illegals to be deported. In his monologue, Carlson stated 

Under the New Way Forward Act, 'crimes of moral turpitude' are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation. And the category of 'aggravated felony' gets eliminated too. Meaning there will no longer be any crime that automatically requires deportation.  According to federal data, crimes like car theft, fraud and weapons offenses all carry average prison sentences of fewer than five years. And that's just looking at averages. There are people who commit rape, child abuse, even manslaughter and get sentences of fewer than five years... If the New Way Forward Act passes, immigrants who commit those crimes, and receive those sentences, would remain in the country.. They'll be eligible for citizenship too.

This bill involves grant sweeping new powers, nullifying deportation orders from immigration judges. This bill will also allow those convicted for drug crimes to immigrate. This completely "decriminalizes illegal entry into America." Now, it'll be "white supremacist" to criminalize illegal country, as stated by the New Way Forward Act. 

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The legislation will ensure that ICE not be allowed to use a detainee's prior criminal behavior as a proof of danger. It will be hard to arrest illegal aliens. 

It is clear that the funding will all come from taxpayer's money. The bill calls this as the "right to come home." It will be all at taxpayer's expense. Carlson believes that America deserves to know this, and that this is what's at stake in the 2020 elections. 

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