Democrats in trouble as Socialist Bernie Sanders takes surging lead in polls

The Democratic candidates are in trouble as socialist Bernie Sanders has taken a surging lead in the latest national poll according to the New York Post. Sanders is now very much ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden, who only managed second place - dropping 11 percent with a poll of 17%. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders had a commanding 32% in the lead.

Surprisingly, Michael Bloomberg was in the 3rd place position with 14 percent, despite all the videos resurfacing showing the billionaire making so-called inappropriate comments about farmers and trans people.

Per NY Post, Pete Buttigieg only went up 2 points with a lowly 7 percent.

Elizabeth Warren had 11 percent. Amy Klobuchar got 6 percent, coming up 3 percent from the last poll.

It really makes you wonder why the bottom feeders in this group of Democratic candidates are still in the race.

If you're Amy Klobuchar and can barely poll at 6%, then it's time to drop out.

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At this point - there should only be three candidates for Americans to chose from on the Democratic side.

Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy K just aren't good candidates and they poll terribly. It's time for them to drop out and let Michael Bloomberg try to buy the election like he's already being accused of.

Heck, the guy is buying social media influencers out for $2,500 a month, dropping thousands to make people say he's "cool" on the Internet, when he's really not.

Have fun watching the circus, aka, Democratic debates with little Mike Bloomberg up there for the first time. He might need two boxes to stand on.

Is Joe Biden fit to be president?

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